If You Don’t Get Your Job Offer, LEAVE!

older man and young man having argument in office

Yesterday I had the please of speaking with a Bean Counter reader. She called me out of the blue as people sometimes do. She had an internship with a Top 25 accounting firm this Spring. Going into the final exit meeting, she was confident, worked hard, showed up early, and asked for feedback consistently. She…

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My Anxiety Disorder Is Hurting My Accounting Career

Woman having a conversation with her therapist on couch in office

From the mailbag: Hello Andrew, I messaged you the other day about your Big 4 course and my anxiety and you told me to email you my resume and tell you more about my story. Recently we had our second child and after she was born I developed postpartum depression (PPD). I sought out help for…

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Top 2 Challenges Facing May Accounting Grads

Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Many of you are graduating this May and will be actively searching for a job. I’m not going to lie: you are LATE! But that doesn’t mean you are doomed to fail. Here are the two top challenges you are facing: 1. Student Loans What I’m about to tell you is not my own opinion,…

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How to Make the Transition from Accounting Student to Professional

Business meeting

The first week of my PwC internship training, I was OVERWHELMED! Seriously. I mean, I had never: Worked in an office before, Dressed up in business casual every day, Met with clients, Been surrounded by so many smart people competing with me, Been expected to travel alone (with the company card) It was one of…

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How to Find an Accounting Summer Internship in 2 Weeks or Less

young female office worker

Last week I prepared a live webinar for many of you and it was an incredible success! So much so that I have already scheduled the next one (sign up here). I walked you through the steps I use with anyone who get’s their resume reviewed by me to find a job or internship FAST.…

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I’m 39 Years Old, Can I Still Get a Job in Accounting?


I received this question on my Webinar last week (sign up for my next webinar here). Yes! You CAN still get a job in accounting, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come without its challenges. Technically employers and recruiters aren’t allowed to ask your name, but based on your overall story, physical features, dress, and…

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How Important is Relevant Accounting Community Service on Your Resume?

Couple Talking With Financial Advisor In Office

I have reviewed hundreds of resume since I started The Bean Counter. I get this question over an over. The short answer it depends. You really have to look at the resume as a whole. Any one thing missing can be made up with a myriad of other awesome experiences you bring to the table.…

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Drafting A Follow Up Email Virtually GUARANTEED To Get A Response


From the mailbag: Good afternoon Mr. Andrew, I am an avid reader of your website. Thank you so much for all the information and knowledge you share with us everyday. Last week my boyfriend met a senior manager at PwC NYC. He also interviews candidates. He talked to him about me as I’m a senior…

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I Filed Bankruptcy. Can I Still Become A Certified Public Accountant?

Plunging into Bankruptcy - Financial Speedometer

From the mailbag: Good afternoon Andrew, My name is David and I am currently a non-traditional accounting student (32 years old with very minimal accounting experience) in my final year with plans to sit for the CPA exam. In 2011 my wife and I (in which I married at age 18) filed for Ch. 7 bankruptcy.…

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Can Attending Accounting Conferences Land You a Job?


From the mailbag: Hello Andrew, I hope you are doing great. I am trying to decide on whether I should attend the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) national conference coming up in a few months. I am not sure if recruiters go to these type of conferences to recruit campus hires or experienced hires. I…

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How to Minimize Travel in Your Public Accounting Career

business travel

From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I’m starting my public accounting career at an internship at one of the big four over the summer and I’m a little concerned about the travel. While I might not travel much during the internship, when I actually start full-time I imagine there will be plenty of travel. The service…

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Top Management Consultant to the CPA Industry [Interview] with Marc Rosenberg of the Rosenberg Associates


Marc Rosenberg has served as a management consultant to CPA firms for over 20 years. What an interesting job! He spends most of his time traveling the country and helping CPA firms improve their partner compensation models, CPA firm mergers, succession planning, CPA firm retreats, and more. He also runs a “management consultant to the…

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Don’t Let Your Accounting Boss Keep You Down

Stern Businesswoman

Earlier this week, I caught up with an old friend who is going through her first busy season. She was having a pretty tough time with one of her accounting boss/managers and was telling me the story. She said she was being a little giggly in the conference room and cracking jokes. She also forgot…

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Are You A Boss, Or A Leader? [PODCAST] with Carl Johnson, Blum Shapiro

learn and lead word cloud

Carl was recommended to me by an old guest on show and he has a great story of rising from a staff, to COO, the in 2002 to managing partner at Blum Shapiro. The firm is the largest regional accounting, tax and business consulting firm based in New England with offices in West Hartford and…

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I Got A DUI. Can I Still Get Hired By Accounting Firms?


From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, This is kind of a touchy subject that I tend to shy away from, but I need to know before I get too far into my college career. I’m currently getting ready to take Intermediate 1, but I’m nervous to continue my journey because of my past. I know that…

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