Top Management Consultant to the CPA Industry [Interview] with Marc Rosenberg of the Rosenberg Associates

Marc Rosenberg

Marc Rosenberg

Marc Rosenberg has served as a management consultant to CPA firms for over 20 years. What an interesting job! He spends most of his time traveling the country and helping CPA firms improve their partner compensation models, CPA firm mergers, succession planning, CPA firm retreats, and more.

He also runs a “management consultant to the CPA firm industry” mastermind group where people in his industry (which is quite a small niche) share ideas and strategies for their practices.

When I was in public accounting, so many people wanted to be a consultant or work in the advisory department of the firm. However, I had never even heard of this as a career option. While there aren’t many people doing it, what an incredible job to have.

He has also written a book titled How CPA Firms Work: The Business of Public Accounting, which you can find to the right.



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