Don’t Do ________ = You’re Hired For This Accounting Job


You won’t believe some of the things I’ve heard this week about the best things to do when finding you’re first accounting job. I can’t think of another week where I’ve heard more people tell me about the advice they’ve received, and it’s terrrrrrrible… Here are two: #1 Only apply for 5 companies When I…

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35 Little-Known Reasons Why People Fail Accounting Interviews


1. Poor personal appearance.
2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm.
3. Not knowing the company’s information or website….

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Find any accounting recruiters email address BONUS: Email script that gets responses


Note: this is an excerpt from the course Get Hired by Big 4 Firms. We all have our dream accounting firm or company, what’s yours? I don’t even care if these companies recruit at your school, or attend your career fair. I want you to sit down and make a list of the top 15 (at…

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Accounting Careers: Big Accounting Firm vs. Small Accounting Firm

big vs small

Last week I received an accounting careers questions that I get quite often: While I went to the Big 4, the truth is most practicing CPA’s work for small CPA firms. From what I’ve read, most practicing CPA’s actually work for firms with less than 10 people! But that’s not bad news, small CPA firms…

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Try something unique, accounting student business cards (example cards included)


This question has come up more and more lately so it’s time to address it! Let me first say that I never used a business card and thought they we’re tacky, however…. my wife used one and got 12 offers! That changed my mind a bit… She here are four guidelines for any accounting student…

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How to think like an accounting recruiter? (P.S. free resume template included)


Before I get you starting to think like an accounting recruiter. We got a question from a loyal Bean Counter fan who writes:

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for writing for us, I appreciate it greatly.

I’m already a fan of your writing; they are very helpful especially for students. I also want to read about resume…

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Can I switch accounting firms if accept an internship offer?


Many of you are preparing for fall recruiting and many of you will be getting multiple accounting firm internship offers this fall

(my wife had 12 offers!)

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Graduating with 125 Credit Hours? That’s a stressful idea…


Today we dig into the Bean Counter mailbag for this special question!

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for writing for us, I appreciate it greatly. I’m already a fan of your writing; they are very helpful especially for students. I’m graduating December 2014 with a BS. I would like read about the best path to take after…

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Every trick I’ve learned to get hired by the Big 4 Accounting Firms


Can you relate to this?

When I was around 6 years old I used to daydream that someone would come and save me. The first dream happened when I used to swim.

I would swim in a pool with many people around and would try to have perfect form. I believed that someday, someone would…

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The first job you NEED to have before starting an accounting career

mcy dees

Today we go to The Bean Counter’s mailbag to discuss what is the first accounting job you need to have before you start your accounting career.

“What beginning jobs help you toward your career in Accounting?” I am a senior accounting major and…

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Everything you wanted to know about the Top 25 accounting firms


Today we announce the release of the Top 25 Accounting Firms Database for Fall 2014!

I have research each of the top 25 accounting firms in the US and provided the following information completely free to you:
-Key HR and recruiter contacts
-Links to their company locations
-CPA exam and bonus policy
-Average salaries for each firm…

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Most challenging interview question (Shocking: don’t respond using boyfriend examples)


I have helped hundreds of students prepare for accounting interviews with firms since 2009. There is one question that seems to provide the most stress and fear.

In fact, I received

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Breaking News: College Student Starts A Bookkeeping Practice (Surprise, it’s actually you)


Now, make sure you’re sitting down because in the next 45 minutes, you’ll have all the tools you need to start your own bookkeeping practice (in college!).

What do I…

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Get in the door at ANY CPA firm (Hint: show up in your pajamas)


Here is a step by step method that if you implement AND it does not work, email me and I’ll offer you:

-A free Resume Review ($250)
-Free access to The Bean Counter Course
-And I’ll build a 5-page action plan for you to get hired.

That’s >$500 value for free, I’m that confident. And…

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Fall Recruiting Hack: Did the recruiter click on my email?


Technology has come a long way. Back in the olden days, you’d send a letter and who knew if they ever received it.

Unfortunately, even today, if you use Gmail, or Yahoo, you still don’t always know.

But now you can change that.

Will some very sneaky and FREE technology, you can see: Whether the…

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