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CPA Firm Consultant

CPA Firm Consultant

Allan Koltin is just one of many consultants to the CPA profession but he has an incredible story which he shared with us on the podcast. He has also landed himself on Accounting Today's Top 100 Most Influential People in the profession for a number of years and has been dubbed by some as "The Most Interesting Man in Accounting" as a play on the Dos Equis commercial! Check out Allan's site here.


Roger Philipp, CPA is the founder and CEO of the online education and CPA Review company, Roger CPA ReviewRoger earned his CPA license at Deloitte and Touche, however soon realized he didn’t want to spend the rest of his career as an accountant – it wasn’t an enjoyable career for him.  He quit and found something that fed his passion: Teaching.  He built his successful business around encouraging people to enjoy their lives.  His company’s mission is to help CPA Exam candidates pass the CPA Exam via efficient, effective and enjoyable CPA Review. 

Roger was a joy to have on the podcast and shared some incredible stories about the CPA exam, entrepreneurship, and life! You can reach out to him on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Professional Leadership Coach and Consultant

Professional Coach & Leadership Consultant

Amber has a lot of awesome stuff going on! As I mention on the podcast, she sat down with me for an hour for a "complimentary coaching session" which I got her to offer to all of The Bean Counter listeners! As I learned in my talks with Amber, she has clients who are struggling to pass the CPA exam early in their careers all the way to individuals trying to make partner, or reach the next level in their careers. Check out her website here.

I love this great quote she shared:

"When you get out of your comfort zone, that's where the opportunity lies!"

CPA Comedian

Greg Kyte is an incredibly funny CPA and comedian. He writes over at Going Concern and will be launching a comedy CPE course sometime in the future, which is something I am waiting for! Greg was an excellent guest on the podcast and we went on for over an hour. Enjoy! You can get in touch with him at GregKyte.com.

Blogger / Journalist


Caleb was one of The Bean Counter's first guests and has an incredibly exciting story. He worked at KPMG for a number of years before being laid off and becoming the founding editor of Going Concern. Since then the site has grown to be one of the most popular blogs in the accounting space and has landed Caleb in the Top 100 Most Influential people in accounting. Have a listen to the podcast and check out Going Concern here!


Paul writes at the China Accounting Blog and is a professor at Peking University in China. Peking is considered to be the equivalent of Harvard in the United States.

Paul worked at PwC as an international tax partner before starting his second career as a professor. He was very candid and shared the differences he sees between US and Chinese students. He and I also had quite a debate a few months back over the PCAOB on Going Concern, even involving anonymous commentator, Big 4 Veteran. You can see Paul's article here!

It should be noted that while Paul did serve as a CPA firm partner for many years, that level of experience is not required to become an accounting professor. Some never received any professional experience at all (however, I really wouldn't recommend that, you have no stories to tell!)


Tech Start-up

Ryan Watson is the Co-Founder of Upsourced Accounting and Sqrl. When he’s not working with clients, penning a blog, posting on Twitter, or spreading the good word about Upsourced Accounting, he’s probably embarrassing himself on the golf course, passionately supporting his favorite reality TV contestant, or helping his wife Lauren grade papers. Great guest and all-around awesome guy, enjoy the podcast!

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