the accountant's email etiquette guide
  • Following Up?

    Whether you are following up from a networking event or an interview, this is the format for you!

  • Is the resume ready?

    Most the of the emails you send will include a resume and often a cover letter. If you’re sending both, don’t forgot to avoid the common pitfalls discussed  in this eBook!

  • Quick Tips

    While I’ve given you some basic formatting in the email below, there are many things to consider. Let’s go through them all.

the accountant's email etiquette guide
accounting resume tips

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  • Your resume is longer than one page and you didn't know that was a problem until right now
  • You can't decide whether to put your overall GPA, accounting GPA, or both
  • You don't have a lot of experience, but still want to have a killer resume
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Accountant Email Etiquette Tips

  • Always attach your resume and cover letter in separate PDFs. Sometimes Word Documents look different on different computers.
  • Proofread and then proofread again. Depending on the importance of the recipient, have a friend proofread it.
  • "BCC" stands for blind carbon copy. If you feel like bcc'ing someone, don't. Forward the email after it's already been sent. Too many mistakes have happened there.
  • Keep your message concise. You need to include a story connecting you to the recipient, but keep it short and sweet.
  • Remember, this email could be forwarded to anyone (and often times is forwarded). Don't say anything you're not okay with everyone at the company seeing.
  • Keep the tone upbeat. In email, it's hard to read someone's "tone". Better to throw in an exclamation point than to seem dull!
  • If they said to give them a call, don't send an email. Email should never be an escape from more intimate contact, especially during the recruitment process.
  • Never use all caps. If you haven't noticed, people interpret that as screaming.

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