I Want to Switch my Major to Accounting. But my GPA is Ruined.


From the mailbag: My name is Daniel and I am currently undeclared in my engineering school, but I am in the process of changing my major to Business Administration. The reason I want to change is because I am tired of getting C’s in engineering courses and being happy about it since they are challenging…

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Should You Pay Off Student Loans Each Month Or Save Big Chunks?

Pretty girl in a winter fashion offering money dollars for student loan in the classroom

From the mailbag about “paying off student loans each month, or saving big chunks”: Hey Andrew, I came across your post/ site and wanted to thank you for the inspirational story. I’ve been paying interest only on my $60k loans since graduation and am ready to be more aggressive.  From your post, it seems like…

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#1 Worst Accounting Resume Mistake I See This Year


Over the past few weeks I’ve been reviewing accounting resumes like crazy helping people gear up for career fairs and interviews! Here is the #1 worst mistake I’ve seen! Should your resume be longer than one page? Here is a discussion I jumped into in one of the best accounting student groups on LinkedIn. Here was the question: And here were the…

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Public Accounting: Audit or Tax? Here Are The Pros & Cons!

tax audit

The age old question for every young accounting student asks, “What Line Of Business Should I Chose In Public Accounting: Audit or Tax?” For me the answer was simple, and here’s why. Logic, evidence, reason = Audit Rules, legislations, research = Tax Things need to make sense in my brain. I don’t find opinions interesting unless…

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The Upcoming 2017 CPA Exam Changes: What You Need To Know

The word 2017 written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer.

If you didn’t know, there are 2017 CPA exam changes coming. It’s changed a lot over the years. You can find that out by talking to any CPA in their 50’s. They’ll go on an on about the olden days where Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid failed the exam, and you had to take…

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The Truth About Why You Failed Your Accounting Interview


Last week, I wrote an article on whether you should re-apply to companies after being rejected. Mueed shared an interesting comment which you need to understand this fall if you will be interviewing… So are you saying, once you land the interview, you pass all these tests?: -Your timing to start didn’t work for the…

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10 Facts About Passing The CPA Exam

Myths or Facts Concept

Here’s the deal. For most of us, taking the CPA Exam sucks, big time. Yea I know you heard about the kick-butt accounting kids who passed on the first try, without studying and knocked out the entire exam in a week. But guess what? That person is not you or I. We are the ones…

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22 Reasons You Won’t Find An Accounting Job This Fall


I get emails every day. Often times of disaster stories. I help repair those disasters. I decided that to try and help many of your prevent one of these disasters, I would put together a list of 22 reasons why you won’t find a job this fall. Take this as a fair warning and a…

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How Millennial Accountants Should Deal With Crap Co-Workers


From the mailbag. “How Millennial Accountants Should Deal With Crap Co-Workers”: Hi Andrew, I’d really love to see some articles about interpersonal work relationships and generational differences. My stint in public accounting ended because of crap coworkers.  I wish I would have had the resources to cope/deal with them.  I had encountered bullies, people taking…

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Comprehensive Guide to Accounting Career Fairs


“Don’t be afraid to sneak into another University” – Andrew Argue How to Dress at Accounting Career Fairs Males Wear a suit and tie. Make sure the suit fits and my personal recommendation on the tie, is a Windsor knot (check out the video below). I’d also recommend not dressing like the next Gordon Gecko…

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28 Interview Questions the Big 4 Ask Before Hiring You (Q&A eBook Included)

sample-podcas-600x300-45 (1)

This is an excerpt from the course Get Hired From Big 4 Accounting Firms, enjoy! Click here for the short version of 42-page “The Interview” eBook or the full version. “Office Visits” Before we get into the exact accounting interview questions they’ll ask, as I mentioned in the podcast, the office visit isn’t what I…

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If You Experience An Accounting Firm Rejection, Should You Re-Apply?


This article on accounting firm rejection is part two in our New Fall series “Notes From The Recruiting Trail”. Don’t miss the first article on the timing of accounting firms hiring efforts and how to reach out to all firms (not just those on campus). From the mailbag: Dear Mr. Argue, Hi. I am Ricky,…

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Notes From The Recruiting Trail (NFRT Part 1)

Group of Multiethnic People Discussing Recruitment

Fall recruiting is the busiest time of the year for accounting firms. It’s when the plan on selecting the most interns and full-time hires. I received a huge spike in questions this time of year. So over the next couple of weeks/months, I’ll be covering these questions and at the end of the article I’ll…

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Can I Pass with CPA Exam for Dummies?


From the mailbag, “Can I Pass with the CPA Exam for Dummies?”: Hi Andrew, I recently ran across your article “10 Facts About Passing the CPA Exam” and found it very interesting. Here is my situation: I have been contemplating taking the CPA exam but I have reservations.  I completed school a while ago, have…

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Millennial Accountants Don’t Want A Corner Office With A View


Earlier this week, Jody Padar wrote an article in Accounting Today about millennial accountants and I want to share a bit of it with you today. And it raises the question: What do young people and new hires to the profession want their career to look like? I am always encouraging people who use my…

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