How Much Do You Want To Get Paid?

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From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I wanted to get your feedback about a potential employer who had asked me “how much I want to get paid” after my interview. First, I am not sure what I am worth. I have had 3 years of public accounting experience with ~2 years of internship of public and…

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Worst First Year Audit Associate Ever

tired girl

It’s true. The worst audit associate I ever worked with actually did pretty good audit work. But I didn’t care. They were so distracting, obnoxious and rude. That’s what mattered. The transition from student to professional is bound to be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. I remember the first week of…

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Bean Counter’s Debt Free SCREAM! [VIDEO]

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As many of you know, my wife and I paid off $55,000 of student loans in 14 months. One of the biggest motivators was listening to countless other people that had even worse situations on the Dave Ramsey podcasts. I remember one couple had over $300,000 in student loans! NUTS! At the end of this journey,…

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Your Path To Accounting Describe in Super Mario Bros. [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We all have our own unique path into the accounting industry. And until now nobody has detailed the path in our favorite 1990’s video game, Super Mario Brothers. Enjoy this path to accounting infographic! I think this was created in an effort to recruit more millenials because honestly, youngsters nowadays only understand Minecraft. But the…

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Public Accounting Not For Me. What are Alternative Accounting Careers?

You can by yourself

From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I am just finishing my Bachelors degree in Accounting. I am interested in finding out what positions I should be looking at (other than CPA) that can use my knowledge and skills. Public accounting is not for me. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Adeline While I…

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I Have Serious Interview Anxiety


From the mailbag: Good afternoon Andrew. I listened to your webinar yesterday, it was really great. I love it. One of my issue is “I don’t know how to dominate an interview” I get nervous. I’m confident I can get the job done and learn the methodology of the core business. When I get to…

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What To Expect In Your Top 10 Accounting Firm Office Visit

Waiting for interview

From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I have an office visit with a top 10 accounting firm coming up. What should I wear? What should I expect out of the visit? Thanks, Brandon First off, congratulations! You are probably MUCH better off than I was. When I had my first “office visit”, I thought it was…

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Excel Budget Template We Used to Pay Off $55k Student Loans in 14 Months (Video Walkthrough)

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 4.08.48 PM

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article detailing how my wife and I managed to pay off $55,000 in student loans in 14 months. After a TON of requested, I shared the excel budget that we used available to anyone who wanted it. (Download the excel budget) Everyone knows the student loans problem exists, heck…

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What is better… CPA vs. CMA?

two pros

I get this question ALL THE TIME, so here is my definitive answer. First off, the most important thing in your career is not your degree(s), the CPA vs. CMA, it’s YOU. There are a lot of people in the “loony bin” that have professional certifications. People spend tens of thousands of dollars on their education, thousands…

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself During Your Big 4 Summer Internship


From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, As I’m going into a Big 4 summer internship, my question would be what skills would you recommend polishing up on (if any) before the internship begins? (IE Microsoft Excel, specific area of accounting to study, etc…). Basically, what should I be working on in my down time leading up…

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