How I Paid Off $55,000+ in Student Loans in 14 months

Student loan

In January 2014, I first merged my bank account with my wife and we realized that after 4 months of quitting my full-time job, we had drained our checking and savings down to $1,500. We just paid for our wedding and I was starting two businesses. We were broke and now living on one income. On top…

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Bean Counters Share Their DREAMS!


Today, I did a live webinar with AccountingFly on How to make the successful transition from student to professional! Note: Will add video later today Let us know 1 BIG Dream in the comments and win: One of two prizes: Full Roger CPA Review Course or; Big 4 Course & Resume Review Examples include: How much…

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Top 2 Challenges Facing May Accounting Grads

Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Many of you are graduating this May and will be actively searching for a job. I’m not going to lie: you are LATE! But that doesn’t mean you are doomed to fail. Here are the two top challenges you are facing: 1. Student Loans What I’m about to tell you is not my own opinion,…

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I’m 40 Years Old and Still Failing the CPA Exam, What can I do?


From the mailbag: Hi, Andrew: My 40 year old daughter took the REG test this morning. She has been passing and failing the CPA exam so many times.  If she passed this time she will have a year to complete the next two.  I don’t know what to say to her anymore if he failed.  Any…

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How to Make the Transition from Accounting Student to Professional

Business meeting

The first week of my PwC internship training, I was OVERWHELMED! Seriously. I mean, I had never: Worked in an office before, Dressed up in business casual every day, Met with clients, Been surrounded by so many smart people competing with me, Been expected to travel alone (with the company card) It was one of…

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How to Find an Accounting Summer Internship in 2 Weeks or Less

young female office worker

Last week I prepared a live webinar for many of you and it was an incredible success! So much so that I have already scheduled the next one (sign up here). I walked you through the steps I use with anyone who get’s their resume reviewed by me to find a job or internship FAST.…

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I’m 39 Years Old, Can I Still Get a Job in Accounting?


I received this question on my Webinar last week (sign up for my next webinar here). Yes! You CAN still get a job in accounting, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come without its challenges. Technically employers and recruiters aren’t allowed to ask your name, but based on your overall story, physical features, dress, and…

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How Important is Relevant Accounting Community Service on Your Resume?

Couple Talking With Financial Advisor In Office

I have reviewed hundreds of resume since I started The Bean Counter. I get this question over an over. The short answer it depends. You really have to look at the resume as a whole. Any one thing missing can be made up with a myriad of other awesome experiences you bring to the table.…

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Drafting A Follow Up Email Virtually GUARANTEED To Get A Response


From the mailbag: Good afternoon Mr. Andrew, I am an avid reader of your website. Thank you so much for all the information and knowledge you share with us everyday. Last week my boyfriend met a senior manager at PwC NYC. He also interviews candidates. He talked to him about me as I’m a senior…

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How to be a CPA, and not be a CPA at all (Alternative Accounting Careers)

alternative accounting careers

Most people think accountants keep their heads down, work in cubes, are boring people, and have a hard time getting a date. They’re not aware there are so many alternative accounting careers where you’re using your experience, but doing something TOTALLY different. You never hear someone say, “Oh yes, accountants are giants, captains of industry.”…

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