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converting the career fair to your first interview: Podcast

 Don’t be afraid to sneak into another University

Andrew Argue

Top 3 reasons to download this eBook:

  • You want your impressions at career fairs and networking events to stick in the minds of professionals
  • You have fears of public speaking and need to know what to do to prepare
  • You want sleek, simple, and pointed pitch examples (hint: we have multiple)
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Quick Tips To Remember

  • Be prepared to ask an unlimited number of questions. If a firm likes you, they may introduce you to 5+ people. It's important to ask them all different questions. See the Career Fair eBook for more.
  • Don't hang out with your friends. Companies don't hire in pairs, they want to see that you're a competent and comfortable individual.
  • Have your clothes dry cleaned a few days before. You want to stand out, but not for a wrinkled jacket!
  • Keep as many business cards as possible. After each meeting, write a little note on the back that will help you when you send your follow-up email!
  • Research every company before the event. The university should have a list of the companies on the event's website. The last thing you want is to not know how to pronounce a company's name (I've seen it happen). Watch youtube videos if possible.
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself using a 30 second elevator pitch! If you don't prepare for this, you will flop. Check out our "Elevator Pitch" eBook below.
  • Try to meet the partners and the recruiters, but don't ignore the lower level staff and employees. Often times a good comment from them can be that extra push you need to get the interview!
  • Once you make eye contact with someone, move in. Lurking for too long will be awkward for you and the recruiter!

Top 3 reasons to download this eBook:

  • You want to know the best way to approach recruiters and professionals at a career fair
  • You're curious about the best time to arrive at the career fair
  • You want direct instructions on how to follow-up to maximize your chance of getting an interview, including a drafted email
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