The Upcoming 2017 CPA Exam Changes: What You Need To Know

The word 2017 written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer.

If you didn’t know, there are 2017 CPA exam changes coming. It’s changed a lot over the years. You can find that out by talking to any CPA in their 50’s. They’ll go on an on about the olden days where Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid failed the exam, and you had to take…

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10 Facts About Passing The CPA Exam

Myths or Facts Concept

Here’s the deal. For most of us, taking the CPA Exam sucks, big time. Yea I know you heard about the kick-butt accounting kids who passed on the first try, without studying and knocked out the entire exam in a week. But guess what? That person is not you or I. We are the ones…

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Can I Pass with CPA Exam for Dummies?


From the mailbag, “Can I Pass with the CPA Exam for Dummies?”: Hi Andrew, I recently ran across your article “10 Facts About Passing the CPA Exam” and found it very interesting. Here is my situation: I have been contemplating taking the CPA exam but I have reservations.  I completed school a while ago, have…

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Overcoming Self-Doubt To Pass the CPA Exam


From the mailbag: Hello Andrew, I was googling information about tips and advice on passing the CPA exam.  I have not applied to take any section yet, but next month I will submit my application for Audit and BEC.  I think that this will be the best route for me because I feel that Audit…

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How to Pass the CPA Exam in 7 months (and fail at least once)

how to pass the cpa exam

The CPA exam is hard, really hard.

But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t pass, and quick.

When I took the exam, I was determined to pass in 6 months, it took me 7, and I failed one section, audit.

Funny enough, that was the type of worked I went on to do…

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My CPA Exam Story

my cpa exam story

Believe it or not, when I started University, I had no idea that accounting was a career. Never knew an accountant, no family had ever done it, nothing! Then, when I sat in my first class, it all just clicked. I remember my first accounting professor (who looked like Borat and even has a student tell him…

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Can My Resume Show I Passed the CPA Exam, Before I am Licensed? [VIDEO]


Congratulations! You have passed the CPA exam. But wait… You still need a year of experience before you can call yourself a CPA? WHAT! That’s right. Becoming a CPA usually involves: Obtaining educational requirements Passing the CPA Exam Passing an ethics exam (depending on the state) Gaining 1 year of work experience (length varies by…

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I’m 40 Years Old and Still Failing the CPA Exam, What can I do?


From the mailbag: Hi, Andrew: My 40 year old daughter took the REG test this morning. She has been passing and failing the CPA exam so many times.  If she passed this time she will have a year to complete the next two.  I don’t know what to say to her anymore if he failed.  Any…

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How to Make the Transition from Accounting Student to Professional

Business meeting

The first week of my PwC internship training, I was OVERWHELMED! Seriously. I mean, I had never: Worked in an office before, Dressed up in business casual every day, Met with clients, Been surrounded by so many smart people competing with me, Been expected to travel alone (with the company card) It was one of…

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Your CPA Exam Roadmap [INFOGRAPHIC]

Overhead of business woman accessories.

It’s been joked about for years and years, but it’s true. Half (or maybe more) of becoming a CPA has to do with just figuring out how to apply! It is ridiculous! You have state requirements, education requirements, exam scheduling, work requirements, choosing CPA exam review, and not to mention the actual exam! It is…

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How Long Should You Study for Each Section of the CPA Exam?


From the Bean Counter mailbag! Andrew, How much time would you recommend allocating to each section of the CPA Exam assuming you’re using a CPA review course? Thanks, Anon Bean Counter Ah, the dreaded CPA exam. While most people dread it, I constantly say: “it’s not that hard” There are two things that are actually…

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Why I Traveled To Alaska To Take The CPA Exam


From a kind Bean Counter reader: Hello Andrew, I want to know that if I can only take one business law course in the School of Accounting at Florida International University and that is all what us available on the undergraduate level, does this mean that even after my bachelor’s degree, I still do not…

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17 Year Old Gets Her CPA License, What Are You Doing?

17 year old

In life, there is always going to be someone better than you. Better at work, sports, love, hobbies, cooking, traveled more places, made more money, etc. There’s only a few people in the world that are the best at what they do. And they too will soon be surpassed any day. And now, the CPA…

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