Drafting A Follow Up Email Virtually GUARANTEED To Get A Response


From the mailbag:

Good afternoon Mr. Andrew,

I am an avid reader of your website. Thank you so much for all the information and knowledge you share with us everyday.

Last week my boyfriend met a senior manager at PwC NYC. He also interviews candidates. He talked to him about me as I’m a senior going to NYU (Fall is my last semester) for accounting and finance. He also went to NYU. He is a senior manager for auditing. At the end of the conversation he gave him a card so he could give it to me.

I would love to contact him through e-mail. I do not know how to start the e-mail and what to say. I would love to have this connection there, since he could refer me to the accounting firm recruiters. I do not want to mess this up.

Any advice?

Thank you in advance.


Congratulations Rebecca!

You can tell by the tone of this email you are excited, and you should be. This is exactly the same way I got my chance at a PwC summer leadership in 2010. Someone who knew someone gave me the email of a PwC employee.

In these situations, you want to build the relationship, don’t try to close the deal. Think of it like dating. Before second base you had better try to have a dinner and at least some basic conversation.

Use this as an opportunity to build a relationship, don’t just ask for a job.

I’d say something like this:

Hi <name>,

Good morning!

My name is Rebecca and I’m an accounting student at NYU (I believe you went here as well) graduating in December 2015. My boyfriend met you a few days ago at <location> and gave me your card. I have to say I was extremely excited as I’ve alway been impressed with PwC and have followed the firm closely over the past few years. I don’t want to impose, but as busy season is starting to come to a close, I want to ask you out for a coffee or lunch? I just want to hear about your experience at the firm and what advice you would have for someone in my shoes.

Are you available in the next few weeks?

I look forward to hearing back from you!



This email shows you’ve been following their firm, knows that a busy season exists, and believe they are a knowledgeable individual you can learn from. Kind of flattering.

It also shows you are looking to get to know them and don’t just want a job.

I guarantee you 9 out of 10 people will just launch a resume and then who knows if they’ll even forward it to HR.

I want you to win them over in a lunch where they are following up with HR every 2 weeks to make sure you get an offer.

When you get the meeting, focus on them. Ask them every question under the sun even if you think you know the answer:

  • How long have you been at the firm?
  • How many client do you work on a year?
  • What industries?
  • How often do you make it back to NYU?
  • What is your favorite part of working at this accounting firm?
  • Did you do an internship?
  • How was this last busy season for you?

On and on and on. If you focus on being curious and enthusiastic, before you know it, HE will be asking for your resume and begging HR to take you. Make him feel like you really care about his experience and what he has to say (you probably do anyway!).

If you focus on being curious, and asking for advice, the job will come your way in no time!