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I remember my first week working at PwC. I was an intern and my supervisors shipped me off to North Carolina for training. I remember thinking, "Wow! They just sent me an email with my flight information and trusted me to get there." My whole life I'd been told where to go and what to do while being micro-managed the whole way. This was something different. They trusted me and gave me autonomy.

This site is not just about getting a job, it's about building the life you want for yourself. Want to work and succeed in Big 4 public accounting? We can help with that. Want to work completely remote and make your same salary? We can explore that too.

As you'll start to learn, accounting is a large industry and there's a place for everyone. Let's get started!

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One of the most irritating things about working in professional services and dealing with clients is the coordination of documentation transfer. Some friends of mine have recently started a business called Sqrl where they are trying to make this process seamless, as it can be a mess. If you’re looking for an “old school” way to do it, try this excel tracker I created. It has a calculation of the % of items received, pending, and requested. Most clients have a love/hate relationship with the moving percentage, but they appreciate that you’re prepared.

Depending upon the job, I tried to send an updated status of the “outstanding items” every single day. To make sure I got everything, I had all items sent to me, then I would distribute them to the team members.

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While this seems like it takes extra time, don’t fool yourself. If you’re working with other team members, especially if they’re more junior than you, they may not know what the document is. But, when you send it to them and let them know it’s related to “X” area, they’re going to get started.

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