How To Avoid $40K In Student Loan Debt & Become A CPA


From the mailbag: Andrew, I wanted to get your thoughts on a Masters Degree in Accounting. I graduate this May with an undergrad in accounting and plan to start taking the CPA exam this summer. I have always planned on going to grad school, but just wanted to get your thoughts on if the benefits…

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5 Things To Do This Summer To Kickstart Your Accounting Career

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 5.41.07 PM

Schools out! Well for those of you who decided not to take summer classes. You’re probably sitting by the pool, soaking in the rays and enjoying your time off from your accounting professors. Life is awesome. But… There is a little voice in the back of your head asking you about your lack of accounting…

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Millenials Want to Work Abroad. Here’s 2 Ways You Can Make It Happen.


Millenials increasingly want to work abroad. Here’s an example from the mailbag: Hey Andrew, I will be graduating December 2015 and I was wondering if you had any advice on getting hired internationally.  I have been searching for international accounting jobs and I’m not sure what is a “good” job. Should I look to get…

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What is better… CPA vs. CMA?

two pros

I get this question ALL THE TIME, so here is my definitive answer. First off, the most important thing in your career is not your degree(s), the CPA vs. CMA, it’s YOU. There are a lot of people in the “loony bin” that have professional certifications. People spend tens of thousands of dollars on their education, thousands…

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Watch Me Critique A Resume (VIDEO)

accounting resume

This student came to me and couldn’t afford a resume review or the course Get Hired by Big 4 Accounting Firms.

I offered to do it for free and record it.

If your writing your accounting resume, this is a MUST watch.

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First 7 Pieces Of Clothing You NEED To Buy If You’re Becoming An Accountant (For Woman)

fashion blog for professional women new york city street style work wear

Back to the mailbag: I am 40 years old and have 18 months left in school until I get my MS of Accounting. I am attending an open house for one the firms on your Top 25 Accounting Firms list at the end of the month. This is my first time attending one of these.…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Have another questions we haven’t covered? Let me know (Click Here)!   About me: My Story and How I Got Started In Accounting Career Fairs: What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For The Accounting Career Fair? (Comprehensive Guide) How Can I Find My First Accounting Job Or Internship: How Can I Contact Any…

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3 Main Factors When Choosing A University As An Accounting Major

Ticking right answers

I get this question about choosing a University as an accounting major all the time! From the mailbag: Hello Andrew, First off thank you so much for starting The Bean Counter! It has been a real encouragement and resource for myself as I have started on my career in accounting. I first stumbled into you…

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Public Accounting Not For Me. What are Alternative Accounting Careers?

You can by yourself

From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I am just finishing my Bachelors degree in Accounting. I am interested in finding out what positions I should be looking at (other than CPA) that can use my knowledge and skills. Public accounting is not for me. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Adeline While I…

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I Have Serious Interview Anxiety


From the mailbag: Good afternoon Andrew. I listened to your webinar yesterday, it was really great. I love it. One of my issue is “I don’t know how to dominate an interview” I get nervous. I’m confident I can get the job done and learn the methodology of the core business. When I get to…

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What To Expect In Your Top 10 Accounting Firm Office Visit

Waiting for interview

From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I have an office visit with a top 10 accounting firm coming up. What should I wear? What should I expect out of the visit? Thanks, Brandon First off, congratulations! You are probably MUCH better off than I was. When I had my first “office visit”, I thought it was…

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How Do Big 4 Accounting Firms Evaluate You?


From the mailbag: Hi Andrew! I hope you are having a great day. I wanted to let you know that I recently went to a Big 4 accounting firm summer student program. It lasted for two days and I really appreciated having the opportunity to learn more about the firm. I was amongst 27 other…

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5 Accountants You Should Be Following On Twitter


The #1 tool I recommend to people for getting engaged in the accounting profession is Twitter. LinkedIn is second, but Twitter is really where you can meet some of the most influential members of the industry! Follow them, read their tweets, and engage. The Twitterati of accounting are more than happy to help you in ANY…

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself During Your Big 4 Summer Internship


From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, As I’m going into a Big 4 summer internship, my question would be what skills would you recommend polishing up on (if any) before the internship begins? (IE Microsoft Excel, specific area of accounting to study, etc…). Basically, what should I be working on in my down time leading up…

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I Have Despair About My Accounting Career, What Can I Do? (Reader Question)


From the mailbag: Hey, I am currently feeling down about going into the field of accounting. I have a Bachelor’s in accounting & I’m almost finished with my Master’s. My undergrad GPA was really low & I pursued my Master’s to give me a better chance of landing an accounting job. I received my bachelor’s…

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