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Accountant Cover Letter - The Basics

When Should I Write A Cover Letter?

  • Anytime you apply for a job via email
  • When it is a requirement as part of a job application on a company portal
  • If you're applying for a job and the employers have never met you before
  • If someone recommends you for a position (friend or family) and you want to show that you take the position seriously

When Should I Not Include A Cover Letter?

  • Never bring your cover letter to the career fair
  • Don't bring your cover letter to the interview
  • If the company specifically notes they don't want a cover letter

The Key Components Of Your Cover Letter

  • Introduction - who you are and what you want
  • A short story about why you're unique
  • Conclusion

What Key Information Should Be Included?

  • If possible, you want to add as much information about the recipient as possible (name, phone number, address, and email). The more personalized the letter, the more likely he or she is to respond. Nobody responds to, "Dear Hiring Manager"
  • Your name, email, and phone number
  • The date the letter was sent or submitted
  • Your handwritten signature. If possible, create a digital version by taking a picture of your signature. This always adds some extra class
accounting cover letter
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Quick Tips

  • When sending an email, make your resume and cover letter two separate PDFs.
  • When in doubt, make sure you write a cover letter.
  • ALWAYS include something about the company. It shows you’ve done your research and this isn’t a copy and pasted letter.
  • NEVER let your cover letter go longer than a page. Including the recipient's information and your signature, the ideal length is 3/4 of a page.
  • Make sure you match your font size and font type to your resume, even though they’re in separate documents.
  • NEVER copy and paste your cover letter into an email. You'll appear like someone who has never used Microsoft Office - not a good impression.
  • When emailing, keep it brief. Include the position you're applying for, your name, and your contact information. Also reference the fact that you’ve attached a resume and cover letter.
  • No pictures, even if you think you're attractive. Don’t do it.
  • Proofread the cover letter for obvious spelling errors. If you do reuse the letter, take the last company's name out. Yes, it happens….

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