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Accountant Resume Tips

  • Proofread every section of your resume. There should be NO mistakes.
  • Your resume should tell a story. What is the most fascinating part about you as a candidate? Your work experience? Education? Leadership roles? Put them in order from top to bottom based on the ones you are most proud of.
  • You want to be as well-rounded as possible. Include community service events you've participated in and competitions you've won. Once they see you're educated, they're on to something else that will catch their eye.
  • Avoid white space. While you shouldn't cram your resume with irrelevant information, try to avoid white space and fill up the page without making it look cramped.
  • Never let your resume exceed one page. Unless you have 4+ years of accounting experience, let's be concise and only keep what's relevant. Your high school education and job is irrelevant.
  • Include a sentence about when you plan to complete the CPA or other certifications.
  • Don't include references unless they are asked for. Most companies never call references, especially for entry-level participants.
  • Most recruiters like to see your overall GPA and your Accounting GPA. If possible, include both. If one is much higher than the other, ONLY include the higher GPA.
  • Be prepared to share your transcript. While I would never recommend attaching your transcript to your resume, have it ready when the recruiters ask.
  • Use weighted paper. There is no better way to have your resume stand out than by having it on paper that's a little heavier and a slightly different color. Keep to white, beige, and grey tones. No pink, green or other crazy colors. Also, don't spritiz your perfume on your resume - Legally Blonde was just a movie!
  • Here are basic sections you can use when writing your resume: Work Experience, Education, Leadership Experience, Community Service, Skills & Certifications. You don't need to use them all; it depends on your experience and skills what will make the most sense.
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