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    From preparation to a mock interview, these are MUST-listen podcasts before starting your interview process.

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    I have compiled a list of every question recruiters and professionals ask, as well as the responses you NEED to give. See this short-version eBook below.

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    Let’s recap everything you need to know, including suggested dress, email formatting for follow-up, and more!

The five part podcast interview prep series; podcast

Part 1: Preparation 

Part 2: Office visits and questions you WILL be asked

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Top 3 reasons to download this eBook:

  • You want to know exactly what questions the interviewer will ask
  • You want to know HOW TO RESPOND to the questions the interviewer asks
  • You want to make sure you ask pointed questions that show you care about the company and take your career seriously
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Accountant Interview Process Tips

  • Be prepared to ask an unlimited number of questions. If a firm likes you, they may introduce you to 5+ people. It's important to ask them all different questions.
  • Remember to bring a copy of your resume, cover letter, and transcripts. Most of the time the interviewer will have copies, but you still need to be prepared.
  • Have your clothes dry cleaned a few days before. You want to stand out, but not for a wrinkled jacket!
  • Keep eye contact, but don't stare. This is something that takes practice. Make a conscious effort to observe how you make eye contact with other before the day of the interview.
  • Research every company before the interview. I've provided you with a list of example questions in the eBook and podcasts above, but the more specialized to the company, the better.
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself using a 30 second elevator pitch! Often times the firms leave a greeter in the lobby so you'll need to be ready for small talk.
  • Show up fifteen minutes early. No earlier, no later. Too long can stress you out and you don't want to risk arriving late.
  • Make sure toothpaste isn't stuck to your lips and spit out any gum as well. I recommend mints for the walk to the interview from your car.