How Losing Your Job Can Be A Step Forward [PODCAST] with Maria Morales, Partner at Clifton Larson Allen

maria morales

Maria is an Audit Partner at Clifton Larson Allen and has been in public accounting for twelve years, serving public and private companies in industries such as manufacturing, third-party administrative services, software, health care, biotechnologies, and employee benefits. Previously, Morales worked in private accounting in the aeronautical industry. She is one of the founding board…

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Top 10 Accounting Halloween Costumes of 2014


Happy Halloween! Almost. To be honest, I never liked dressing up. I recently was invited to a costume party and when I found out it was cancelled, I was THRILLED! That being said, I still love watching other people’s costumes. So here you go, the Top 10 Accounting Halloween Costumes of 2014! My Son, Bean…

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Advice For Tax Preparers [PODCAST] with Bill Meador


The guest on today podcast is Bill Meador and he is a CPA and a lawyer in Houston, Texas. He’s been a tax preparer and reviewer in public accounting firms in Houston for over twenty years. Bill has made quite the splash onto the accounting/blogging scene in the last few months and you can read…

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The #1 Interview Mistake You’re Probably Making


The interview is the most stressful part of the journey in starting your career in public accounting. I remember the first time I went to a full “office visit” with PwC. I literally thought it was going to be a tour of the office, you know, see the kitchen and what not. Luckily my friend…

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Can Community College Ruin Your Chances In Accounting?

community college

We jump into the mailbag of The Bean Counter: Hi Andrew, I’m currently attending Community College as a freshmen and I am really interested in working for the Big 4 firms but I don’t know where to begin. My plan is to transfer out and attend a 4 year university for a bachelor’s degree in…

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How Pre-Interview Greeters Can Ruin Your Offer


Back to the Bean Counter Mailbag we go!!! I have interview tomorrow and I know a greeter will be there .. How do I deal with them? Lol No joke, I know a student who completely screwed himself when I was a greeter at PwC. He kind of called me an “a$$hole” (you’ll see what…

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Second Round Of Accounting Interviews & Why My Friend Didn’t Get The Job


Let’s take a dive into the Bean Counter mailbag with the most common question I’ve been getting all weak! It’s about the the dreaded office visits AKA second round of accounting interviews! Hi Andrew, Thank you for an awesome site. I’m learning a ton of great information there! I did a campus interview and now have…

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Accounting, Meet Economics + Baby Pics…


Before we get started on today’s topic, I’d like to invite you to our VIP Facebook Group. You should join if you’re a… Student / Young Accountant / Looking for Job: Join to share experiences, insight, and ask questions! I’ll also be releasing premium information and resources only available to members of this group! Bean Counting Veteran /…

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Finding An Accounting Job in FA’ 14 | Bean Counter Blogger Julian Brownlee


We’re trying something new today. A few weeks ago I met an accounting student at University of Central Florida. I try to meet Bean Counter fans in person as much as I can and if you’re in Central Florida, shoot me a note. I liked Julian a lot, and I had an idea. I wanted…

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Ernst & Young Adds 15,500 Jobs. Here’s How You Can Get One (Even If You’ve Graduated).


How old is too old? Well I think you’ll be surprised. Here is a question I got this week from a TBC fan: Hi Andrew, Hope all is well! Your new websites look fantastic and it looks like you’ve got a seriously solid core of followers happening – congrats on the success!! Have you discussed…

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S T O P Freaking Out About The Accounting Interview Process


For today, we’re going to help out this loyal Bean Counter fan’s question about the accounting interview process: Hi Andrew, How are you, hope things are going great with the bean counter and people are taking things nicely today, unlike that girl.  NOTE: If you haven’t seen the twitter fight at the link above, you’re…

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How To Become A Certified Fraud Examiner


I get this question ALL the time! As I wrote in the earlier article this week, being a certified fraud examiner or fraud investigator is one of the sexier things you can do in accounting. But how can you actually get started on a path to fighting the bad guys? 1) Start following fraud examiners on…

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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Hiring Process Guide for Public Accounting


If you’re waiting until your final year or last semester, good luck…

This. Is a multi-year process.

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6 Incredible Accounting Positions You’ll NEVER Apply For


Before I left public accounting, I didn’t think anything outside Big 4 was really that interesting. But I’m here to distill the myth. Here are 6 incredible accounting positions you’ll likely never apply for, but should. You may notice, I don’t link to any actual job postings, and that’s because that’s the WORST way to apply. Did…

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I have stopped really believing in luck. Especially for any accounting student out there. At best, I’d say I believe in chance happenings… good and bad. I watched a video yesterday that blew the lid off my thinking. So, for example, one of your great excuses is, “Well, great careers are really and truly, for…

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