How Long Should You Study for Each Section of the CPA Exam?


From the Bean Counter mailbag! Andrew, How much time would you recommend allocating to each section of the CPA Exam assuming you’re using a CPA review course? Thanks, Anon Bean Counter Ah, the dreaded CPA exam. While most people dread it, I constantly say: “it’s not that hard” There are two things that are actually…

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Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals: Resume Review & Get Hired By Big 4 Accounting Firms (COURSE)


Just last week I received an email from a woman whose resume I reviewed. She was a particularly challenging review as she had been out of University for two years, hadn’t been working at all, just studying for the CPA exam. 2 years! But we charged forward. I re-did the resume, cover letter, and action…

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Before You Accept Your Big 4 Firm Offer, Make Sure It’s Actually The Job You Think It Is


Many students don’t realize that just because you accept an offer at the Big 4, it doesn’t mean you’re actually getting the job everyone thinks of. What do I mean? Let’s find out. Hello Bean Counter, I have a question to run by you. I am freshly out of college and finished my CPA. I got…

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What Interstellar Taught Me About An Accounting Career


If you haven’t seen the new movie Interstellar, I highly recommend it. It was an incredible adventure film made by the same director that made The Dark Knight and Inception. Click the image below to watch the trailer. And there was one quote that while it seems unrelated to accounting, got me thinking: “We used…

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You Have A 3.9? Why Such A Low GPA? Yes, That Was An Actual Question.

low gpa

From a loyal Bean Counter fan resume review customer: Hi Andrew, A friend of mine recently had an interview with one of the Big 4. She applied for experienced hire like me and was asked about her GPA in college. The guy interviewed her ask her why she was not able to get a 4.0…

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How To Contact Any Accounting Firm To Find A Job (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.55.59 AM

“How To Contact Any Accounting Firm To Find A Job” (VIDEO) with @AndrewArgue ►More Andrew here: ➝Check out resume services:… ➝Check out the course: ————- I go over my process for finding accounting firms and reaching out to them to find a job. Get more info: or email me at…

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Why I Traveled To Alaska To Take The CPA Exam


From a kind Bean Counter reader: Hello Andrew, I want to know that if I can only take one business law course in the School of Accounting at Florida International University and that is all what us available on the undergraduate level, does this mean that even after my bachelor’s degree, I still do not…

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17 Year Old Gets Her CPA License, What Are You Doing?

17 year old

In life, there is always going to be someone better than you. Better at work, sports, love, hobbies, cooking, traveled more places, made more money, etc. There’s only a few people in the world that are the best at what they do. And they too will soon be surpassed any day. And now, the CPA…

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Don’t End Your Chances By Not Knowing The Public Accounting Start Dates


I always say accounting is like a cult. I remember the first time I heard the term “public accounting”. I said, “that doesn’t interest me. I don’t want to work for the government.” I had a lot to learn. Today we’re talking about the dates when you can look forward to starting your career in…

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Can You Negotiate Your Public Accounting Offer?


Yes and no. But first, let’s look at this question from a Bean Counter reader! Hi, I came across your blogs as I was doing research for my own predicament  and I loved reading them. You seem to have a lot of insight and also by reading your blogs,  I see what issues people are having. As…

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Are You Looking To Get Promoted In Public Accounting?


Are you looking to get promoted? Many of you have just started your career in public accounting. September and October are two of the biggest starting months of the year. When I started my career at PwC, it was three years until you got promoted to Senior Associate. I did it in two. Often times I…

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How the Firms Will Pressure You Into Accepting Their Offer


From the Bean Counter mailbag: The dragon has been slayed…and my crazy journey is almost over. I received an offer from Grant Thornton for full time in NY-metro. (I have to let them know by Nov 6th) my problem now lies in the fact that PwC wants me in for an office visit 11/25! How do…

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Can I Switch Accounting Firms After I Accept My Internship Offer?

hand down

Many of you are receiving offers as fall recruiting is in the final weeks. Many of you got offers. Haven’t received an offer from an accounting firm, check this out. If you received internship offers and if you did, you should relax. About 90% of people who start an internship receive a full-time offer. But, just…

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The Spooky Life of An Accountant

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 7.30.57 AM

Happy Halloween!!! Now, if you missed out Top 10 Accounting Halloween Costumes of 2014, check this out immediately. They’re may still be time for you to find your costume! Top 10 Accounting Halloween Costumes of 2014 For adults, Halloween may not be as scary as it used to be. But I figure we can all…

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Crafting Your Accounting Elevator Pitch


1. What is your goal?

Are you looking for a part-time job?


Summer Leadership Conference?

Full-time job?

Whatever your goal, it needs to be defined up…

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