Finding An Accounting Job in FA’ 14 | Bean Counter Blogger Julian Brownlee


We’re trying something new today.

A few weeks ago I met an accounting student at University of Central Florida. I try to meet Bean Counter fans in person as much as I can and if you’re in Central Florida, shoot me a note.

I liked Julian a lot, and I had an idea. I wanted him to write for TBC and share:

  • What his plan to find an accounting job this fall
  • Top things he’s scared of or feels challenged by
  • Top things he brings to an employer that he can use to sell himself​​

It’s important that we all reflect on these things as we move forward in our careers. Julian was nice enough to do it for all of us.

Oh by the way, if you’re looking to increase your LinkedIn connections, go ahead an add Julian.

So here we go:

Hello all. My name Julian Brownlee and I am senior majoring in accounting. Throughout my college and life experiences, I have experienced amount of various leadership and work experience which I feel I that can contribute to a firm, corporation, and/or company.

First of all, I plan on doing a few a practice interviews through my university’s career center. In addition, I plan on reaching out to some of my LinkedIn Connections of places that I would like to work for. In addition to the previous statements, I would like to reach out to the professionals by showing up to their events. I believe that exposure to professionals is important to a job seeker.

Secondly, I plan of attending career fairs, internship fairs, and other professional-related conferences. In September I will be attending a career fair, an accounting conference, an internship fair, and an accounting conference. In October, I am planning on looking up networking events, and local university alumni events. I planning on repeating that step in the month of November.

Thirdly, I plan on interviewing with at least five to ten employers this quarter of the year. With this goal, I have to do the “leg work “necessary to put myself in a position to accomplish it.

Lastly, I plan on doing well in my classes this semester, and positively impact my local National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) student chapter.

The top three issues that I am scared/challenge of making that crossover from being a accounting student to being a financial professional are having a rough transition phase, not being able to contribute to a team, and not being appreciated for my ideas/input. Those are my three worst fears in the workplace.

Some of the things that separate me from my contemporaries are that I already have a couple internships heading into my senior year of my undergraduate career. I also have an array of leadership experience in the student body of my community college and being part of my student faculty challenge of the United Way. Lastly, I am a people person that is willing to make the sale on myself, which will lead to me being fervent about working with professionals & doing my job at the workplace.

With points previously stated, I would like to hit ground running during the fall season. If you like to contact me you can e-mail me Thanks for reading.

If you’ve got any comments for Julian, leave them below or send him an email.

Buy guys (& gals), take notes.

If you want to not just get a job, but pick your job, these things Julian has done are some of the thing you need to be doing:

  • Strong education background
  • Get involved on campus (NABA & others)
  • Get actual accounting experience (multiple internships)
  • Do community service (United Way)

So get started! If I can help in any way, or you’d like to write for The Bean Counter, email me here!

  • Elijah Williams

    Great job Julian!!!!