Advice For Tax Preparers [PODCAST] with Bill Meador


The guest on today podcast is Bill Meador and he is a CPA and a lawyer in Houston, Texas. He’s been a tax preparer and reviewer in public accounting firms in Houston for over twenty years. Bill has made quite the splash onto the accounting/blogging scene in the last few months and you can read him at Advice For Tax Preparers.

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Bill was a great guy to have on the podcast. We learn a little bit more about his background and what led him into blogging. He also spoke quite a bit about his upcoming book release which sounds like it will be a must read for anyone starting out in their tax career! You can learn more about the Tax Preparer Skills Guide by clicking here.

I’m alway encouraging you all to join LinkedIn groups and connect with interesting and relevant members of the profession. Bill has done a great job of this and has created multiple LinkedIn pages you should check out!

First, you can connect with Bill on LinkedIn. Then check out his two pages Accounting LIONS (LinkedIn Open Networkers “aka” people who will connect with anyone) and the Advice For Tax Preparers Group!

You can also email Bill.