Top 10 Accounting Halloween Costumes of 2014


Happy Halloween! Almost.

To be honest, I never liked dressing up. I recently was invited to a costume party and when I found out it was cancelled, I was THRILLED!

That being said, I still love watching other people’s costumes. So here you go, the Top 10 Accounting Halloween Costumes of 2014!


My Son, Bean Counter Junior. Actually, I don’t have a son, but I tricked a bunch of people on Facebook into thinking I did!


Yep, that’s Greg Kyte. Not sure this would be okay for the neighborhoods with the little kids. I can just hear the mothers, “Saraaaa stay close!”


Real original buddy, real original… But, looks like he is ready to take the CPA exam.


While Bernie Madoff was believed to be an investor, once his multi-billion dollar fraud was announced, he was just a number crunching fraudster…


Or you could just go with the token green visor!


One of my personal favorites, the 1%! Did you know as an accountant in the US, you’re probably in the 1%?Do be in the global 1%, you only need an income of 34K USD a year!

Ya, so quit whining about your pay increase 😉


For walking dead fans, the zombie accountant may be your best bet!


Sexy CFO? Some of you may not even need to buy anything for this one.


Luca Paciolo was the creator of the double-entry bookkeeping system. One of the great figures in accounting history and known as “The Father of Bookkeeping”. Downside of this costume is that no one will understand why you’re an accounting history geek!


Or just an accountant. Because yes, that’s how we all look…