6 Incredible Accounting Positions You’ll NEVER Apply For


Before I left public accounting, I didn’t think anything outside Big 4 was really that interesting.

But I’m here to distill the myth. Here are 6 incredible accounting positions you’ll likely never apply for, but should.

You may notice, I don’t link to any actual job postings, and that’s because that’s the WORST way to apply.

Did you know most jobs getting filled these days aren’t even advertised?

Instead, they’re typically part of “the hidden job market” — those millions of openings that never get formally posted.

It now accounts for up to 80% of hires, according to some estimates.

So if you’re interested in any of the positions below, don’t wait for a job to be posted. Reach out today.

1) Going Concern Blogger

logo (1)

I had the pleasure of writing for the mad house over at Going Concern. Truth be told, they’re always looking for great writers. Have a listen to my podcast with Adrienne Gonzalez and shoot her a note. If you’ve got public accounting experience, you’re already at the top of the list.

P.S. If you haven’t started working yet and are still a student, you should still apply. Student writers are something I think GC has been missing over the years.

2) CPA Exam Review Course Writer


You’d be surprised, the CPA exam review industry is much bigger than you think. Remember those four sections (AUD, FAR, BEC, REG) and those HUGE textbooks? Someone had to update those every year. Could it be you?

Don’t wait until a positions is posted, reach out to the company you’re interested in now.

3) CPA Firm Consultants & Merger & Acquisition Consultants


I didn’t even know these people existed before I started The Bean Counter. But here are just a few of the many CPA firm consultants:

Some of these individuals have their own practice and are the only employee. Some have an entire firm working with their clients. Have a listen to the podcasts and see if you’re interested in consulting for the CPA profession.

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4) Fraud Examiner

This is one of the sexiest positions accountants always want to be involved with. Ever since the days of “Office Space”, you’ve been wanting to chase after rogue employee thieves who forget cover sheets on their TPS reports (see below).


If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner, you may want to download my Comprehensive Guide to Accounting Certifications.

But to apply, I’d start by contacting the CFE’s in your state to see if any of them are hiring.

5) Cloud Accounting (work from home)

I think you’ll see by the homepage of this website, this is no ordinary CPA firm. Jason Blumer is one of the faces of a major movement in accounting taking place as a result of game-changing technology’s like Xero.

Jason works completely from home and mostly from shorts and flip flops. He is one of many new age accountants who you can learn more about by visiting Thriveal’s Manifesto.

APPLY: Passing the CPA Exam Before Your Start Is KEY to Having an Edge Against Others in Your Class.

Yes, accounting can be cool.

While becoming a Thrivealist typically involves creating your own CPA firm rather than applying for a job, it’s no doubt one of the more fascinating parts of the industry.

6) Accounting Tech Start-Up


There are a number of fascinating accounting tech start-ups that we’ve feature on the show. Does it interest you to be on the cutting edge of technology? How about working for a small, growing, and VC funded team?

Check out my podcast with Ryan Watson and learn more about their business at GetSqrl.com.

Have another accounting job we should add to the list? Let me know.