5 Accountants You Should Be Following On Twitter


The #1 tool I recommend to people for getting engaged in the accounting profession is Twitter. LinkedIn is second, but Twitter is really where you can meet some of the most influential members of the industry!

Follow them, read their tweets, and engage. The Twitterati of accounting are more than happy to help you in ANY way they can.

1. Roger Philipp, CPA and CEO of Roger CPA Review

For those of you that need some motivation to pass the CPA exam, Roger is the most enthusiastic CPA Review instructor out there!

2. Greg Kyte, CPA and Comedian

Greg is HILARIOUS. Most days he tweets 3 comedy tweets that are mostly hilarious. And if you aren’t laughing with him, he encourages you to laugh at him which happens at moments like this… Screen-Shot-2014-03-08-at-8.28.07-PM-300x168 

3. Jody Padar, CPA and CEO of New Vision CPA Group

The truth is about 90% of CPA’s work for small CPA firms with 10 or less people. Jody runs a small CPA firm herself and is a spokesperson for small firms and tech savvy CPA’s. It’s important to know what she’s talking about to have a pulse on the profession!

4. Lifestyle Accountant

This guy is incredible. He openly shares his personal financials each month. Income, expense, net worth and everything in between!

5. Tom Hood, CEO of the Maryland Association of CPA’s

Tom is one of the most respected thought leaders in the accounting industry. You’ll see him at just about every accounting industry event and normally he is the keynote speaker!

A must follow for any young accountant!

Who are your favorite accountants/CPA’s to follow on Twitter? Let me know in the comments below!

  • http://lifestyleaccountant.com/ Lifestyle Accountant

    Wow! I was surprised to see myself on this list! I’m honored that you would even consider me, so thank you Andrew.

    You were one of the first accountants I started following and your personal story was inspiring. I really admire the brand you’ve created for yourself and how you are helping so many accountants. You helped show me that it’s ok for accountants to do MORE than just accounting.

    I would like to throw out just a few more inspiring accountants if I may:

    @ChrisHooper87 – Accounting Futurist and cofounder of @Accodex

    @richmondsavers – CPA husband & wife blogging and providing travel rewards coaching

    @CPAonFire – The CPA for entrepreneuronfire.com

    @JasonMBlumer – CPA firm owner and founder of @THRIVEalCPAs network

    • http://www.thebeancounter.com TheBeanCountercom

      Thanks dude!

      I had to put you on here. Sharing the personal finances in such detail as you do is an incredible learning tool for others!

  • Megha

    Tom hood and Roger Phillipp

  • Becky Livingston

    Great list! So glad to be following each of you.