I Have Serious Interview Anxiety


From the mailbag:

Good afternoon Andrew.

I listened to your webinar yesterday, it was really great. I love it.

One of my issue is “I don’t know how to dominate an interview” I get nervous.

I’m confident I can get the job done and learn the methodology of the core business. When I get to talk to the employer for some reason I can’t convince them that I am the right fit for them


Good news… you are n0t alone.

Being a good interviewer isn’t something we are all born with.

You have to be intentional about improving your skills. I know I did.

The best interviews are conversational, not question answer.

That being said, you have to be ready to answer these 28 interview questions.

Next I would start with the basics:

Have you practiced the questions with your friend or spouse?

Have you recorded your responses?

Have you videotaped how you physically look?

Are your clothes dry cleaned?

Are you clean shaven?

Would you want to talk to you?

Do you appear curious?

Do you appear enthusiastic?

Are you appropriately and authentically excited about this opportunity

Do your clothes fit?

Are you asking the interviewer *at least* 3-5 questions about the company.

If you have…

Prepped the questions you will be asked

Practiced multiple times with friends and family

Know the questions you will ask about the company

There is only one thing left to deal with….

Your anxiety.

I need you to take an afternoon, go on a walk, lay in bed alone, or whatever you can do to relax.

Have a conversation with yourself.

What are you afraid of?

Because let me tell you a little secret: This interview really doesn’t matter.

Remember how much you stressed out about your freshmen year accounting 101 final?

Does that really matter now? No.

We work ourselves into a frenzy about things that in the long run (and not even that long) really… and I mean REALLY do not matter.

You will fail. You will succeed. You will be okay.

I interviewed 5 or 6 times before my first offer with PwC for a summer leadership conference. I was straight up rejected by Deloitte multiple times.

It happens.

Now I look back and laugh about it. I actually went on to win Deloitte’s National Speech Competition… TWICE!

The best revenge is success.

So to overcome this axiety, you need to look back and ask yourself:

Why did I fail in the past?

Why do I have anxiety?

Overcome those two questions *honestly*, and do the basic preparation steps I mentioned above.

You be hired in a few short weeks!

  • Heather McG

    Is it normal to have an assessment before you Interview?