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About me:

My Story and How I Got Started In Accounting

Career Fairs:

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For The Accounting Career Fair? (Comprehensive Guide)

How Can I Find My First Accounting Job Or Internship:

How Can I Contact Any Accounting Firm To Find A Job? (VIDEO)

What Are The Hiring Dates In Public Accounting?

What Is An Elevator Pitch And What Should Mine Say?

What’s The Hiring Process In Public Accounting?

What Are the Most Important Things Public Accounting Firms Look For?

Choosing Your Career Path:

Should I do Audit or Tax? (Pros & Cons)

Career Change: “I’m working in private, can I switch to public accounting?”

What’s Better? A Big Accounting Firm or Small Accounting Firm?

What are the Pros and Cons of Public Accounting?

What’s A Day In The Life Of An Auditor?

Accounting Resumes:

What’s the Worst Accounting Resume Mistake?

What Are Recruiters Looking For In My Resume?

How Long Should My Resume Be?

Interview Questions:

I Just Got Asked To An “Office Visit”, What Can I Expect?

What’s the #1 Interview Mistake?

How Can I Handle The Stress Of Accounting Interviews?

What Can I Expect At Pre-interview Dinners & Socials? (P.S. It’s An Interview)

What Questions Will Be Asked In Interviews?

What’s The Most Challenging Interview Question?

How Much Does GPA Matter:

What GPA Do I Need To Get A Good Job In Accounting?

Do I Need Above A 3.4 GPA To Get Hired In Big 4, Is That True?

Accounting Internships:

Should I Quit My Full-Time Job For An Internship?

I Need To Find An Accounting Internship, Where Do I Start?

How Can I Get An Accounting Internship In New York? (Or Any Other City Different From Where I Live?)

Can I Switch Accounting Firms After I Accept My Internship Offer? 

How to Get Promoted:

How Can I Make A Successful Transition From Student To Professional?

How Can I Be The BEST Senior Associate?

What Are The Essential Things I Need To Do To Get Promoted In Public Accounting? (10 Steps)

I Just Started My First Accounting Job, What Do I Do? [HINT: Don’t Jump In The Pond, Yes It Happened]

What’s The Secret To Be The #1 Employee At Your Accounting Firm?

What Are Some Helpful Tips On How To Get Promoted?

Studying For The CPA Exam:

What Do I Need To Know About Passing The CPA Exam?

Why Did You Travel To Alaska To Take The CPA Exam?

How Can I Pass The CPA Exam?

Surviving Busy Season:

How Can I Survive Busy Season?


Is Gay OKAY in Public Accounting?

Can You Negotiate Your Public Accounting Offer?

How Can I Become A Certified Fraud Examiner?

What Does “X” Accounting Term Mean? (The Accounting Lingo You Need To Know)

Do I Need Accounting Experience While In College?

Can I Start Bookkeeping While In College?

If I Go To Online Accounting College, How Can I Get A Job?

I Have A Crush At Work, How Do I Handle That?

What Are The Basic Things I Need To Have On LinkedIn?

What Services Do You Offer To Help Me Succeed?

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  • Barrett

    Any topics on unorthodox accounting career paths like database administration/analytics but with a finance background?