Get in the door at ANY CPA firm (Hint: show up in your pajamas)


Here is a step by step method that if you implement AND it does not work, email me and I’ll offer you a free Resume Review ($250), free access to The Bean Counter Course, and I’ll build a 5-page action plan for you to get hired. That’s  >$500 value for free, I’m that confident.

And yes, you can literally do reach ALL CPA Firms without taking off your jammies;-)

Choose Your Targets

Obviously I have all the information you need for the top 25 firms, but are there other companies you want to work for? Make a list of your top 20 (at least)

Find Key Contacts

Now that you have your dream list, let’s find the contacts you need to reach out to at each firm. I want you to find at least three. Preferably the titles are as follows:

  • HR Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Partner

Try to find them in the office where you want to work. If you have these contacts in Dallas but you want an internship in LA, that won’t work. Make sure they’re local contacts.

Use this FREE guide to find them and their email.

Prepare an Email, Resume, and Cover Letter

I’m going to be very generous here and give you the exact word to use in the email:

Subject: Recruiting Contact


Good morning!

I’m writing to find the contact who handles campus recruiting. I wrote to Other Contact 1 and Other Contact 2 as well. Are you the person I would speak with? If so, are you available for a call?

I am currently a student from [INSERT NAME] and will be graduating in [INSERT GRAD MONTH AND YEAR]. I have attached my resume and cover letter for your to review. I am eager to discuss the opportunities with [INSERT COMPANY NAME]. I took a look at your website and am specifically interested in learning more about [INSERT ONE THING YOU RESEARCH]

Are you the person to speak with, I am free tomorrow at X time and Future Day at X time.?

If not, who do you recommend I talk to?

Best regards,




[Attach Cover Letter & Resume in separate PDFs]

For the “one thing” you researched. Make is something simple, such the following:

  • Opportunities in X and Y industry
  • Internships
  • Summer Leadership Conferences
  • Etc.

Don’t mention international opportunities or other obscure things that the local office won’t have say over. They’ll be annoyed and feel like it’s too much work to deal with you.

You also need to prepare the resume and cover letter. Lucky for you I have included templates that you can access simply by signing up here OR you can go for a full resume resume review:

I’ll meet with you twice, provide a custom resume, cover letter, and an action plan to get in and get hired from any accounting firm.

The Follow Up

This is one of the most important parts of the process. People get busy, they don’t hate you.

Just because you haven’t received a response in 3 or 4 days, doesn’t mean your shot is over.

Here are the rules:

Have never exchanged emails with them before.

  • When you’re trying to make contact follow up
    • 2 days after first email
    • Then 3 days
    • Then 5 days
    • Then 7 days
    • Then 14 days
    • If you still have received no response, look for different contacts in the company

Have exchanged at least one email with them before.

  • If you HAVE made contact with them, and you responded, but haven’t spoken to them.
    • Do not stop following up
    • Seriously, I meant never. Here are the rules
      • 2 days after your email to them
      • Then 3 days
      • Then 5 days
      • Then every 7 days until they respond

People get busy, you don’t want them being overwhelmed by email to stop you from finding your job.

If they tell your they’re not interested, then stop.

But never stop if they just haven’t had the time to respond. Anyone can write, “We’re not interested, thank you“. It takes about two seconds.

Make them do that if they’re not interested, don’t just disappear.

Trust me on this one. They will be impressed by your persistence.


So there you have it, the master strategy to show up in any accounting firm’s inbox, and get an interview for your Dream Job all literally without leaving your pajamas.

P.S. If you sign up for a resume review now, I’ll throw in The Bean Counter Course Free, and a 5 page action plan!

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  • Christina

    The follow up advice is definitely true. I followed up on a summer accounting job back in may five times after the initial contact went cold. Turns out the owner had just been swamped and didn’t have time to respond. Shortly after, he gave me the position.