Don’t Do ________ = You’re Hired For This Accounting Job


You won’t believe some of the things I’ve heard this week about the best things to do when finding you’re first accounting job. I can’t think of another week where I’ve heard more people tell me about the advice they’ve received, and it’s terrrrrrrible… Here are two: #1 Only apply for 5 companies When I…

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Accounting Careers: Big Accounting Firm vs. Small Accounting Firm

big vs small

Last week I received an accounting careers questions that I get quite often: While I went to the Big 4, the truth is most practicing CPA’s work for small CPA firms. From what I’ve read, most practicing CPA’s actually work for firms with less than 10 people! But that’s not bad news, small CPA firms…

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Can coaching help me pass the CPA Exam? [PODCAST] w/ Amber Setter, Coach & Writer at Going Concern


Amber Setter has some incredible things going on! As I mention on the podcast, she sat down with me for an hour-long “complimentary coaching session,” which she is offering to all of The Bean Counter listeners! See more information on Amber’s Coaching page here. She works mostly with people in the accounting industry who: Take…

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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take [PODCAST] with Kristen Rampe

kristen rampe

It’s a consistent thing here on The Bean Counter, there are many many opportunities in accounting. Look at me, I write for The Bean Counter and started my own company Ten Key Heroes. Kristen Rampe is another great example of someone who has broken out of the traditional mold to do something very different and…

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The first job you NEED to have before starting an accounting career

mcy dees

Today we go to The Bean Counter’s mailbag to discuss what is the first accounting job you need to have before you start your accounting career.

“What beginning jobs help you toward your career in Accounting?” I am a senior accounting major and…

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Breaking News: College Student Starts A Bookkeeping Practice (Surprise, it’s actually you)


Now, make sure you’re sitting down because in the next 45 minutes, you’ll have all the tools you need to start your own bookkeeping practice (in college!).

What do I…

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Started his own accounting firm from scratch, with only two years of experience [PODCAST] with W. Michael Hsu

michae hsu


That’s what I think about when I finished recording this podcast with Michael. It’s an incredible story of someone who knew he wanted something different from his job, and made it happen.

Incredibly, in building Deep Sky and only two years after working in public accounting, he went three years without a paycheck. But…

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How to find an accounting job OUTSIDE your city by finding a job in your city


Listener Questions

1. Andrew, if I am seeking opportunities outside my area (Kansas), what can I do to maximize my chances? Also, what about non-public accounting opportunities? How can you find them and what are the differences between interviewing for industry and big 4?

-Alex, Kansas

2. My Beta Alpha Psi chapter historically struggles with…

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You Can Learn Anything In One Year, Here’s What I Learned In My First Year As An Entrepreneur


Is it true? Can you learn anything in about a year?

Rod Drury, CEO and Co-Founder of Xero says you can.

It’s hard to doubt someone who has built a large and fast growing company with over 300,000 customers and oh by the way, Peter Thiel invested (yes, the first investor from that Facebook movie and Co-founder of Paypal).

It’s a shocking idea,…

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If You Disagree With Your Boss, You Should Quit…

Be Your Own Boss Youtube Video

P.S. – Here is the quote I shared on the show: “When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family, have…

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Accountant & Podcaster (Hint: It’s not me) w/ Dan Franks, CPA

dan franks

Dan reached out to me after he found my podcast on iTunes and I thought it would be great to record our discussion on air!

He is a accountant, CPA (used to work at KPMG) and now works at Beaird Harris & Co., P.C. as a CPA and Tax Consultant.

He also started a podcast earlier…

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Boss gave you bad advice? Make them fess up.


A friend of mine had a tough time in the last year and sought advice from a manager.

He told his manager that he really didn’t like some of the team members he was working with and wanted to move to another clients ASAP.

The manager told him to present his desire to the partner of…

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Becoming a part-time CFO (Hint: You don’t have to work for 20 years first)


One of the myths in the accounting industry is that you have to wait years and years before being able to have some of the “sexy” roles in the industry.

It’s just not true.

We’ve interviewed lot’s of people on the show (remember Ryan Watson of Sqrl and Upsourced Accounting who started his own CPA…

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It is in understanding and embracing the concept of failure that we achieve true greatness as human beings [Interview] w/ Kenneth J. Burke, CPA & Certified Business Coach

ken burke

Kenneth J. Burke, CPA & Certified Business Coach Ken is both a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach and a CPA. For over 25 years he has worked for both national and regional CPA firms advising business owners on managing their finances and taxes, and various business issues. While Ken was working with entrepreneurs and business owners during his…

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If you go to online accounting college, can you still get a job?


Today we did a slightly different podcast than usual.

Alan Ramsey sent me an email asking for some advice in finding a job as he went to an online accounting college.

I thought we would have a lot of great things to cover so I figured I would bring him on the podcast to go…

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