Accountant & Podcaster (Hint: It’s not me) w/ Dan Franks, CPA

dan franks

Dan Franks


Dan reached out to me after he found my podcast on iTunes and I thought it would be great to record our discussion on air! He is a accountant, CPA (used to work at KPMG) and now works at Beaird Harris & Co., P.C. as a CPA and Tax Consultant. He also started a podcast earlier this year, which has been killing it, and he has a lot of very famous and successful guests in his niche. The podcast is called Entrepreneur Showdown and is linked to the right.

We talked a lot about Dan’s experience starting his podcast, what his motivations were, and how it’s gone thus far. I think Dan is a great example of someone in the profession who has done something different and valuable. During his work at Beaird Harris & Co., P.C., he mainly works with small businesses and entrepreneurs and it makes so much sense that he created a show that highlights them. The great thing about the show, which is different than many others out there, is that it focuses on a specific topic rather than just getting the background of the person and I love that idea.

I also took the opportunity to share more about the company I’m building, Ten Key Heroes. With Dan’s experience I was able to get his feedback on where we’re going with the business. We also spoke about his views on the podcast (as a fellow podcaster and CPA), which was super helpful to me!



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