Can coaching help me pass the CPA Exam? [PODCAST] w/ Amber Setter, Coach & Writer at Going Concern

Amber Setter

Amber Setter

Amber Setter has some incredible things going on! As I mention on the podcast, she sat down with me for an hour-long “complimentary coaching session,” which she is offering to all of The Bean Counter listeners!

See more information on Amber’s Coaching page here. She works mostly with people in the accounting industry who:

  • Take their personal and professional development to the next level
  • Want to pass the CPA exam
  • Lead during times of transition
  • And more!

As I learned in my talks with Amber, she has clients ranging from those who are struggling early on in their careers and trying to pass the CPA exam all the way to individuals who are trying to make partner at their firms or reach the next level in their careers.

You can see all her articles at Going Concern but if you want to get started, this is one of my favorite article regarding ex-strippers becoming accountants (nope, this is not a joke).

She shared a great quote that I love:

“When you get out of your comfort zone, that’s where the opportunity lies!”

Reminds me of a great quote from Mark Twain:

“‘Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.'”

At Going Concern, she shares her advice on all things related to the accounting profession. Amber is an awesome woman and was very fun to have on the show.

Thanks for coming on Amber, we hope to have you on again!


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  • Amber Setter

    Thanks for the shout out and for inviting me to the podcast! I also have some awesome testimonials on my website that were written by CPAs who were able to (finally) pass the exam with coaching. It works!