You Have A 3.9? Why Such A Low GPA? Yes, That Was An Actual Question.

low gpa

From a loyal Bean Counter fan resume review customer: Hi Andrew, A friend of mine recently had an interview with one of the Big 4. She applied for experienced hire like me and was asked about her GPA in college. The guy interviewed her ask her why she was not able to get a 4.0…

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How To Contact Any Accounting Firm To Find A Job (VIDEO)

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“How To Contact Any Accounting Firm To Find A Job” (VIDEO) with @AndrewArgue ►More Andrew here: ➝Check out resume services:… ➝Check out the course: ————- I go over my process for finding accounting firms and reaching out to them to find a job. Get more info: or email me at…

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Why I Traveled To Alaska To Take The CPA Exam


From a kind Bean Counter reader: Hello Andrew, I want to know that if I can only take one business law course in the School of Accounting at Florida International University and that is all what us available on the undergraduate level, does this mean that even after my bachelor’s degree, I still do not…

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17 Year Old Gets Her CPA License, What Are You Doing?

17 year old

In life, there is always going to be someone better than you. Better at work, sports, love, hobbies, cooking, traveled more places, made more money, etc. There’s only a few people in the world that are the best at what they do. And they too will soon be surpassed any day. And now, the CPA…

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Can You Negotiate Your Public Accounting Offer?


Yes and no. But first, let’s look at this question from a Bean Counter reader! Hi, I came across your blogs as I was doing research for my own predicament  and I loved reading them. You seem to have a lot of insight and also by reading your blogs,  I see what issues people are having. As…

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Are You Looking To Get Promoted In Public Accounting?


Are you looking to get promoted? Many of you have just started your career in public accounting. September and October are two of the biggest starting months of the year. When I started my career at PwC, it was three years until you got promoted to Senior Associate. I did it in two. Often times I…

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Crafting Your Accounting Elevator Pitch


1. What is your goal?

Are you looking for a part-time job?


Summer Leadership Conference?

Full-time job?

Whatever your goal, it needs to be defined up…

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The #1 Interview Mistake You’re Probably Making


The interview is the most stressful part of the journey in starting your career in public accounting. I remember the first time I went to a full “office visit” with PwC. I literally thought it was going to be a tour of the office, you know, see the kitchen and what not. Luckily my friend…

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Can Community College Ruin Your Chances In Accounting?

community college

We jump into the mailbag of The Bean Counter: Hi Andrew, I’m currently attending Community College as a freshmen and I am really interested in working for the Big 4 firms but I don’t know where to begin. My plan is to transfer out and attend a 4 year university for a bachelor’s degree in…

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Accounting, Meet Economics + Baby Pics…


Before we get started on today’s topic, I’d like to invite you to our VIP Facebook Group. You should join if you’re a… Student / Young Accountant / Looking for Job: Join to share experiences, insight, and ask questions! I’ll also be releasing premium information and resources only available to members of this group! Bean Counting Veteran /…

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How To Become A Certified Fraud Examiner


I get this question ALL the time! As I wrote in the earlier article this week, being a certified fraud examiner or fraud investigator is one of the sexier things you can do in accounting. But how can you actually get started on a path to fighting the bad guys? 1) Start following fraud examiners on…

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6 Incredible Accounting Positions You’ll NEVER Apply For


Before I left public accounting, I didn’t think anything outside Big 4 was really that interesting. But I’m here to distill the myth. Here are 6 incredible accounting positions you’ll likely never apply for, but should. You may notice, I don’t link to any actual job postings, and that’s because that’s the WORST way to apply. Did…

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I have stopped really believing in luck. Especially for any accounting student out there. At best, I’d say I believe in chance happenings… good and bad. I watched a video yesterday that blew the lid off my thinking. So, for example, one of your great excuses is, “Well, great careers are really and truly, for…

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“The dream begins most of the time with the teacher who believes in you” [PODCAST] with Jody Padar


Jody Padar joined her father’s firm four years ago, bringing her expertise in the areas of taxation, QuickBooks, and small business accounting. As one of the profession’s emerging thought leaders, Jody has transitioned New Vision to next-generation status by adopting advanced technologies and best practices that support web-based client services and allow the firm to…

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Pre-interview Dinners & Socials (P.S. It’s An Interview)


“I got accepted to a first round interview at a Big 4 firm for a full time internship during the winter.

They invited me to a Pre-Night dinner at a local steakhouse tonight. Dress is business casual.

Any tips on how to conduct myself or things to talk about, or are these things purely behavioral?

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