Becoming a part-time CFO (Hint: You don’t have to work for 20 years first)


One of the myths in the accounting industry is that you have to wait years and years before being able to have some of the “sexy” roles in the industry. It’s just not true. We’ve interviewed lot’s of people on the show (remember Ryan Watson of  Sqrl and Upsourced Accounting who started his own CPA firm and tech start-up?) and while there are many people that have spent years investing in their career, many have pulled the trigger and done something new very early in their career.

Kristin Pizzi falls into that category. Kristin is a Senior Manager at Marcum LLP, one of the larger public accounting firms in the United States and talk a little bit about her process for becoming a part-time CFO. I met Kristin through my company, Ten Key Heroes and wanted to learn a little bit about what got her interested in pursing part-time and contract CFO  roles for smalls businesses in addition to her day job.

If you’re thinking about doing the same thing as Kristin, have listen. She gives some surprisingly simple and actionable tips that can get you going today!


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