Started his own accounting firm from scratch, with only two years of experience [PODCAST] with W. Michael Hsu

michae hsu


That’s what I think about when I finished recording this podcast with Michael. It’s an incredible story of someone who knew he wanted something different from his job, and made it happen.

Incredibly, in building Deep Sky and only two years after working in public accounting, he went three years without a paycheck. But now check out his site, he is crushing it. He has multiple employees, numerous clients, and an awesome philosophy of how he runs his firm:

The thing I admire most about Michael is his view on accounting. He talks about how it’s become such a numbers and compliance game without focusing on the stories that the numbers tell when the proper metrics are recorded and analyzed.

Here is a great quote that Michael shared on the show.

People make the mistake of thinking they are their history of their biography. The reality is that they are their decisions.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, it’s one of my favorites to date. If you want to get in touch with Michael, you can find him on LinkedIn and twitter.