Overcoming Self-Doubt To Pass the CPA Exam


From the mailbag: Hello Andrew, I was googling information about tips and advice on passing the CPA exam.  I have not applied to take any section yet, but next month I will submit my application for Audit and BEC.  I think that this will be the best route for me because I feel that Audit…

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Should I Quit Beta Alpha Psi?


From the Mailbag “Should I Quit Beta Alpha Psi”: Hi Andrew, I hope this message finds you well. I have a situation I was hoping you could help me with. Thanks to your program I was able to land a tax accountant position with McGladrey last semester. I have been involved with Beta Alpha Psi…

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#1 Thing You Need To Get Hired In Accounting This Fall Semester

Hire me, give me a job, find a job, looking for a job concepts. Businessman text hire me written on paper card.

Summer is over! Basically. I know, you’re sad. But it’s time to get excited! This could be the semester where you land an internship with a major accounting firm. Or maybe even a full-time offer. Then you’ll be able to relax while finishing your degree and they would pay for all your CPA review products!…

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How I Paid Off $55,000+ in Student Loans in 14 months

Student loan

In January 2014, I first merged my bank account with my wife and we realized that after 4 months of quitting my full-time job, we had drained our checking and savings down to $1,500. We just paid for our wedding and I was starting two businesses. We were broke and now living on one income. On top…

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I saw another student had a 3.99 GPA. Mine was 3.23, I thought it was over. I got the internship, he didn’t.

Report Card

Fall recruiting can be stressful experience. I remember thinking:

“I’m going to be about $50K in debt when I graduate, I need to pay that back. I MUST find a job.”

I was determined. I’m sure you can relate.

This is the most important part

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10 Must Know Audit Acronyms For Your First Year in Public Accounting


I remember my first internship with PwC, I was so nervous. I may be The Bean Counter today but back in the day, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. The first week on a client, my senior kept saying: “check the P&L, check the P&L, check the P&L” I had absolutely…

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How to Pass the CPA Exam in 7 months (and fail at least once)

how to pass the cpa exam

The CPA exam is hard, really hard.

But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t pass, and quick.

When I took the exam, I was determined to pass in 6 months, it took me 7, and I failed one section, audit.

Funny enough, that was the type of worked I went on to do…

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Accounting Resume Templates, Critiques, & Webinars

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 6.38.26 PM

Yesterday, I was invited by AccountingFly to give a webinar called “Watch Me Critique An Accounting Resume” and gave everyone a free accounting resume template. For those of you who missed out, I included the video link below. Resumes are much more art than science. Rather than give you hard rules, I want you to…

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Should You Consider An Online Masters Degree?


I’ve been getting questions a lot about whether you should be getting an online masters degree. Let’s clear things up about when online is better than going to an in-person University. From the mailbag: First off let me say thank you for The Bean Counter it has given me a lot of insight and it’s…

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How To Enter Accounting As A Second Career


From the mailbag about how to enter accounting as a second career: Hey Andrew, I just recently stumbled across your podcast and I really enjoy your episodes, they’re fantastic! I was wondering if you could shed some light on my question, with your experience and industry exposure, or point me into a direction that may…

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The Top 10 Excel Tricks Every 1st Year Needs in Their Arsenal (VIDEO)


From the mailbag: Hey Andrew, I wanted to follow up with you in regards to the webinar yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I recently discovered The Bean Counter and am really glad that I did. I really like all of the information that you put out and I am looking forward to continue following you.…

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How To Work Two Jobs Without Getting Fired (Reader Question)

think big

From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I was thinking about starting my own business part time, nothing to compete with my current accounting job, but I was wondering how you communicated to your managers that you were starting The Bean Counter. I have a fairly strict conflict of interest’s policy I have to sign and I…

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I’m the First to Point Out. You Should NEVER Buy My Big 4 Course If….


I’m the first person to tell you when you shouldn’t be buying my course, “How to Get Hired by Big 4 Accounting Firms“. That’s exactly what I did for this guy. Hi Andrew, I’m currently making $95K plus bonus (around $110K annually). I understand that if I change my career to a Big 4 Accounting…

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6 Cool Ways To Use Conditional Formatting In Excel


You heard that right, “COOL” ways to use Excel conditional formatting. Since this is an accounting blog, I figured we can all be open about the fact that most of us get way too much enjoyment out learning new Excel tricks. I’m guilty of it myself. But, I wasn’t always this way. When I started…

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How To Avoid $40K In Student Loan Debt & Become A CPA


From the mailbag: Andrew, I wanted to get your thoughts on a Masters Degree in Accounting. I graduate this May with an undergrad in accounting and plan to start taking the CPA exam this summer. I have always planned on going to grad school, but just wanted to get your thoughts on if the benefits…

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