Should I Quit Beta Alpha Psi?


From the Mailbag “Should I Quit Beta Alpha Psi”:

Hi Andrew,

I hope this message finds you well. I have a situation I was hoping you could help me with. Thanks to your program I was able to land a tax accountant position with McGladrey last semester. I have been involved with Beta Alpha Psi for the past two semesters, which has also been a great tool that helped me land the job. As I’m going into my final semester, does it make sense to continue being a part of BAP?

I will be taking my first section of the CPA exam in January. Would this time be put to better use studying for the exam? I don’t hold any position within the organization, so I wouldn’t be bailing on any responsibilities. I feel that BAP has served its purpose and that it wouldn’t have much value now that I have a job.

Thanks so much for sharing your insight!

Best regards,


This is a constant problem for Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Chapters.

While BAP offers tremendous opportunities for professional development and community service, most people use it to find a job.

And that makes sense.

Perhaps the greatest thing you can get as a result of your experience in Beta Alpha Psi is a full-time job offer.

But while most people never attend another meeting after that achievement, I think that’s short-sighted.

I always try to look at the bigger picture.

When I got promoted in 2 years at PwC (the normal is 3 years), it was because I went above and beyond in a number of areas.

One of which was recruiting.

I attended a number of recruiting events at many different Universities.

Before I worked at PwC, zero people worked there from my University.

A few short years later, the PwC office had hired 10 people!

10 people in one office from a small school like The University of Tampa made a big difference.

So while I understand you’re thinking of quitting, what are you missing out on?

Can you help McGladrey get the inside scoop on who the rising stars are?

I literally sent the recruiting at PwC a list of every person in the Chapter and who are thought would make great interns or full-time hires in the next year. They loved that!

While I did a number of other things to get promoted, this was part of the pie.

When you are trying to get the biggest raise, biggest bonus, and going for promotion, every little battle helps win the war!

That’s my attempt to appeal to your self-interest.

But what about giving back? You’ve done well for yourself.

Remember when you were a little more scared?

Didn’t know if you would get an offer?

Would you implode during the interview?

Had sweaty palms at the career fair?

I’m not saying you need to commit your entire semester to BAP, you need to pass the CPA exam.

But stopping in for a few meeting and helping people that are struggling like you were just a few short months ago sounds like the right thing to do…..

Enjoy you semester, and let us know what you decide!

P.S. Be sure to read this post when making your study plan for the CPA exam!