I’m the First to Point Out. You Should NEVER Buy My Big 4 Course If….


I’m the first person to tell you when you shouldn’t be buying my course, “How to Get Hired by Big 4 Accounting Firms“.

That’s exactly what I did for this guy.

Hi Andrew,

I’m currently making $95K plus bonus (around $110K annually). I understand that if I change my career to a Big 4 Accounting firm and purchase your Big 4 course, I would get a big salary hit. I’m willing to earn around $50K, if not higher.

I have an active CPA license.  I have about 1 month or by end of this year to change my career. Recently our company was acquired by another company. They asked me if I was willing relocate to lead their Accounting department, but I cannot relocate.

I’m currently working for about 60 hours. I have always been thinking that I seem to be working in a small technical accounting area without being exposed to more industry knowledge and its respective technical side of accounting. I don’t think I want to be a partner of a public accounting company, but rather want to get at least 3 or 5 years of public accounting experience before I get back to the private accounting, possibly as Controller or CFO of a bigger company.

So I was thinking about changing my career to public accounting. I’m currently holding Director of Accounting title for a small company (about $15M annual sales)

Hope this gives you some idea of my background. Will the course help me?

Thank you.


My response was swift:

The choice is yours and I LOVE to sell my courses. But I don’t think that is the best plan for you.

Here is what I would do in your shoes:

  • Start working with a recruiter
  • Apply on your own to 15-20 companies by reaching out directly yourself with a resume and cover letter
  • Look for a company where you can make $120-$130K in the next year, will learn more accounting, work more reasonable hours for private, AND have the ability to move up to CFO or regional CFO. This is possible.

If you get into public accounting, you are taking a 5-year set back for something that you could do in 2-3 years anyway!

You will be working the same hours or more, taking a 50% pay cut, and I don’t see anything to gain. If you work 5 years in public you will probably end up right back where you are now.

I may have just saved you a quarter of a million dollars of losses in the next 5 years starting with the $397 by not buying my course:-)



I am a HUGE fan and advocate of public accounting.

Having 2-5 years under your belt can set you up for the rest of your career.

But there are times where it just does not make sense.

This guy already had 10+ years in private accounting and was making $110K+!

If he goes back into public accounting, he will earn 60% less, work for someone 10 years younger, and feel clueless for at least a year.

And for what?

A better job?

Probably not.

If you were in Rich’s situation, what would you do?

Now if are one of the many who….

  • Is still in University looking for a job
  • Need a solid resume template
  • Wants to learn how to prepare for interviews
  • Needs help preparing for the career fair
  • Or any other challenges on your journey to get hired by the Big 4, you should really consider buying this course!.
  • Michael A. Douglas

    With his experience and CPA license, Rich should definitely try 15-20 job applications/inquiries on his own first. I don’t think it is wise of him to take such a large pay cut by moving back into public accounting. While I want to get into public accounting personally, I don’t think this is the correct move for Rich at this time.

    • http://www.thebeancounter.com TheBeanCountercom

      Thanks for the comment Michael! All great points!

  • moose

    I would seriously consider all options with the re-location. During that time re-locating you can take your time finding a quality company to transition into. If not, you may be forced into a company or position you just are not happy with.

    • http://www.thebeancounter.com TheBeanCountercom

      Great point, I would consider that as well if I were in his shoes!