Office Romance: Here are the Wild and Crazy Ways Auditors Fall in Love


We have all heard stories about office romances that have been mostly utter disasters and recommendations on how not to start a fling in the office (Hint: if you’re married, you probably shouldn’t be starting office flings. I know this is obvious, but shockingly does need to be shared). I am a huge fan of office romance! Where else is it so easy to find people with similar educations, interests, background, schedules, etc.?

While I am a big support of you in an office romance, I must say, proceed with caution. While meeting your next serious boyfriend/girlfriend is exciting and may lead to a lifelong partnership, spiraling into serial office dating can cause loss of co-worker respect and increased levels of ex-lover hostility. Now for the questions!

  • What is the best way to date a co-worker?
  • How can you show interest in someone in an appropriate manner?
  • Can you maintain your respect as an employee and date someone at the office?
  • When should I tell my boss or HR about my feelings?
  • Should I share my feelings with co-workers and friends?
  • Does my company have a policy on dating?
  • Should I shy away from dating someone based on his or her job title?

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