How Long Should My Resume Be? +FREE Accounting Resume Template

For accounting students, the answer to the question is simple: no longer than one page. No exceptions.

And what about the answer to these questions?
  • Should I include my GPA if it’s below a 3.5?
  • Do I need to include my accounting GPA?
  • What’s more important, education or work experience?
  • Can I put that I passed sections of the CPA Exam?
  • Should I have an objective?
  • What size font should I use?
  • What type font should I use?

Every question has a specific response, for a specific reason and we’ll be getting into them in the coming weeks to prepare for Fall 2014 recruiting season.

Regarding the resume, landing a job consists of two parts:

  1. Getting in the door
  2. Closing the deal (usually a series of interviews)

Being great at interviewing is completely worthless if you haven’t been able to get interviews by getting in the door. 

AND the resume is the single most important part of “Getting in”.

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