Need To Find An Accounting Internship or Job This Semester? Start Here.


I am SO pumped for all of you!

A new semester and a NEW year! The slate is clean. Whatever goals you had in the past, time to start fresh.

If you’re still looking for a job, now is the time to get serious!

This semester firms will be hiring for:

  • Summer Leadership Conferences
  • Accounting Internships
  • Full Time Accounting Jobs

Whatever your situation is, I don’t care! Low GPA? Small school with no firms? No work experience?


You can succeed if you fall into any of those categories! (Have another situation you’re afraid of, email me and I will help you.)

Lucky for you, today I’m laying out everything you need to achieve your goals this semester!


I started my career earning $50k and received 10% and 20% raises in my first two years PLUS bonuses!

Friends of mine who didn’t work as hard earned $35k or less, no bonuses

If you learn all of this information you will be rewarded GREATLY in just a few short months of hard work!

Vacation is the best time to start something new. Time to get to work!

Getting Started:

Resume And Cover Letters:

Are You Ready? Reaching Out To The Firms:


Other Helpful Resources:

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