How To Get A Summer Leadership Conference At Large Accounting Firms


From the Bean Counter mailbag: Hi Andrew, I am studying accounting at Binghamton University. I really want to apply for the leadership conference programs of big firms this year, and I have tried to look for any related information of those programs, but I could not find much information. I heard that it is very competitive.…

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Is Gay OKAY in Public Accounting?


From the mailbag: Hi Andrew, I’m a gay male and I’m looking to find a job in public accounting some time in my next two semesters. How receptive are accounting firms to hiring a gay person? What about once I start working? Are there any prejudices you have experienced? This question is actually more complicated…

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Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals: Resume Review & Get Hired By Big 4 Accounting Firms (COURSE)


Just last week I received an email from a woman whose resume I reviewed. She was a particularly challenging review as she had been out of University for two years, hadn’t been working at all, just studying for the CPA exam. 2 years! But we charged forward. I re-did the resume, cover letter, and action…

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Don’t End Your Chances By Not Knowing The Public Accounting Start Dates


I always say accounting is like a cult. I remember the first time I heard the term “public accounting”. I said, “that doesn’t interest me. I don’t want to work for the government.” I had a lot to learn. Today we’re talking about the dates when you can look forward to starting your career in…

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The #1 Interview Mistake You’re Probably Making


The interview is the most stressful part of the journey in starting your career in public accounting. I remember the first time I went to a full “office visit” with PwC. I literally thought it was going to be a tour of the office, you know, see the kitchen and what not. Luckily my friend…

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Can Community College Ruin Your Chances In Accounting?

community college

We jump into the mailbag of The Bean Counter: Hi Andrew, I’m currently attending Community College as a freshmen and I am really interested in working for the Big 4 firms but I don’t know where to begin. My plan is to transfer out and attend a 4 year university for a bachelor’s degree in…

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How Pre-Interview Greeters Can Ruin Your Offer


Back to the Bean Counter Mailbag we go!!! I have interview tomorrow and I know a greeter will be there .. How do I deal with them? Lol No joke, I know a student who completely screwed himself when I was a greeter at PwC. He kind of called me an “a$$hole” (you’ll see what…

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Pre-interview Dinners & Socials (P.S. It’s An Interview)


“I got accepted to a first round interview at a Big 4 firm for a full time internship during the winter.

They invited me to a Pre-Night dinner at a local steakhouse tonight. Dress is business casual.

Any tips on how to conduct myself or things to talk about, or are these things purely behavioral?

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Young CPA turned tech entrepreneur: Ryan Watson, CEO of Sqrl

ryan watson

  Ryan Watson is the Co-Founder of Upsourced Accounting and the CEO Sqrl. When he’s not working with clients, penning a blog, posting on Twitter, or spreading the good word about Upsourced Accounting, he’s probably embarrassing himself on the golf course, passionately supporting his favorite reality TV contestant, or helping his wife Lauren grade papers. I remember the days of…

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Find any accounting recruiters email address BONUS: Email script that gets responses


Note: this is an excerpt from the course Get Hired by Big 4 Firms. We all have our dream accounting firm or company, what’s yours? I don’t even care if these companies recruit at your school, or attend your career fair. I want you to sit down and make a list of the top 15 (at…

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Accounting Careers: Big Accounting Firm vs. Small Accounting Firm

big vs small

Last week I received an accounting careers questions that I get quite often: While I went to the Big 4, the truth is most practicing CPA’s work for small CPA firms. From what I’ve read, most practicing CPA’s actually work for firms with less than 10 people! But that’s not bad news, small CPA firms…

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How to think like an accounting recruiter? (P.S. free resume template included)


Before I get you starting to think like an accounting recruiter. We got a question from a loyal Bean Counter fan who writes:

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for writing for us, I appreciate it greatly.

I’m already a fan of your writing; they are very helpful especially for students. I also want to read about resume…

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Graduating with 125 Credit Hours? That’s a stressful idea…


Today we dig into the Bean Counter mailbag for this special question!

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for writing for us, I appreciate it greatly. I’m already a fan of your writing; they are very helpful especially for students. I’m graduating December 2014 with a BS. I would like read about the best path to take after…

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Every trick I’ve learned to get hired by the Big 4 Accounting Firms


Can you relate to this?

When I was around 6 years old I used to daydream that someone would come and save me. The first dream happened when I used to swim.

I would swim in a pool with many people around and would try to have perfect form. I believed that someday, someone would…

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The first job you NEED to have before starting an accounting career

mcy dees

Today we go to The Bean Counter’s mailbag to discuss what is the first accounting job you need to have before you start your accounting career.

“What beginning jobs help you toward your career in Accounting?” I am a senior accounting major and…

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