Young CPA turned tech entrepreneur: Ryan Watson, CEO of Sqrl

ryan watson
Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson


Ryan Watson is the Co-Founder of Upsourced Accounting and the CEO Sqrl. When he’s not working with clients, penning a blog, posting on Twitter, or spreading the good word about Upsourced Accounting, he’s probably embarrassing himself on the golf course, passionately supporting his favorite reality TV contestant, or helping his wife Lauren grade papers.

I remember the days of hell I had to go through in order to coordinate requests with clients, so I was really excited to have Ryan on the show. I’ve included the video below that initially grabbed my attention and is very impressive!

After talking with Ryan, I have to say that he is definitely an inspiration to me. I hope you enjoy the podcast–Ryan is a great guy and has a lot of cool stuff going on between Upsourced Accounting and Sqrl.

Sqrl Demo

Questions asked on the show:

Tell us about one experience in your current position that just blew you away and that you were really excited about.

What was your biggest, or one of your biggest, failure(s) in getting to where you are today?

What is a great resource you used along the way that helped you to get where you are today?

What is your advice for someone starting out in his or her career?

What is your advice for someone who has been working in the industry and wants to make a change or take his or her career to the next level?

What’s a great book that you’ve read?

And lastly, tell us a quote that you love and how it’s helped you reach your goals.



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