Bean Counters Share Their DREAMS!


Today, I did a live webinar with AccountingFly on How to make the successful transition from student to professional!

I shared some quotes related to dreaming and spoke about the importance of having HUGE dreams and goals when making the transition from student to professional. You have to have a WHY in the early days. You are going to need a reason to be making coffee runs, grabbing dinner, and doing the grunt work!

“Most people die at 25, we just don’t bury them until they’re 75” – unkown

“For most of us, the danger is not setting our goal too high and missing it, it’s aiming to low and achieving it”- Michaelangelo

While most people may not know their ultimate dream today, pick one! Yes it may change but people in motion that are on a defined plan tend to find things out. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised.

Watch the entire webinar to see what I mean and look at all of the AMAZING dreams these Bean Counter left in the comments (over 50+)

Let us know 1 BIG Dream in the comments and win:

One of two prizes:

  1. Full Roger CPA Review Course or;
  2. Big 4 Course & Resume Review

Examples include:

  • How much $$ you want to make in your top year
  • Pass the CPA exam
  • Work life balance
  • Have a family
  • Travel the world
  • Pay off Debt
  • Own your own CPA firm/company
  • Be an accounting software entrepreneur
  • Major business executive

Deadline: Friday April 16th, 2015 @ Midnight

Let us know your dreams below!

  • Heather McG

    My big dream is to get my CPA and start a Cloud based accounting business

  • Jordan Jakab

    My dream is to become a managing partner for a big 4 firm.

  • Danny Park

    My dream is to become a controller or accounting manager for a non-profit organization working to alleviate global poverty in the world

  • Vitaly

    My dream is to earn the CPA designation and help others to reach their potential

  • Leyonda Jean

    My big dream is to become a CFO of a fortune 100 company

  • Kelly Maxhimer Henley

    My dream is to pass the CPA, maybe the CFE someday too! I love forensic accounting.

  • Mai

    I want to work as an Internal Auditor, then move up to be a Fraud Expert. Eventually I want to work as Risk/Governance Consultant to boards of Directos

  • Michael Hooper

    My dream is to be the go-to-guy within the firm when it comes to anything that needs doing.

  • Adanna

    My big dream is to pass the CPA exam, get a 1 rating in my first year and get promoted early

  • Kris

    I would like to pass the CPA exam in the next year. I would like to start my own firm doing accounting services, taxes and elder services (bill pay and financial assistance). I feel that elder services is an untapped source and a huge need with the aging population.

    • TheBeanCountercom

      That’s awesome Kris! Hadn’t thought of elder services that way but I love the out-of-the-box thinking!

      Be sure you check this out on your road to the CPA:

      • Kris

        Thank you for the links. I have been reading your blog for a while now. I love how diverse the topics are.

  • Karina Padilla

    My dream is to complete my CPA in less than one year after I complete my hours. Yet, my biggest dream is to show my daughter that all dreams can become completed with hard work and big dreams.

  • Peter Yu

    My big dream is to successfully get sponsored to work for an accounting firm with a global outreach in the U.S., eventually travel all around the world working with different people and culture.

  • Dan Cloninger

    My big dream is see as much of the world as possible.

  • Carlene W.

    My biggest dream is to operate my own business.

  • Lucie

    My big dream is to get my CPA and travel as an accounting auditor/ IT auditor

  • Stacey L

    I am looking to get my CPA and use it to as a leverage tool for my marketing and public relations consulting firm. I want it as an value added skill-set to have me stand above other marketing consultants

  • Kurt Feir

    My dream is to pass the CPA exam, gain experience at a firm, and eventually work my way towards the private sector as a managerial accountant/controller for a Fortune 500 company.

  • Nikki Gill

    My dream is to pass the CPA exam as soon as I finish my Master’s degree in Accounting. Once I accomplish this, I would like to travel with my husband to all of the National Parks, become a camp host at each park, and use my accounting skills to offer tax preparation for those who are also on the road traveling.

    • TheBeanCountercom

      That’s so cool Nikki! My wife and I are currently perpetual travelers in and out of the US so we would totally be someone that would need that service!

      Be sure to check this out as your taking the CPA:

  • Michael A. Douglas

    My Big Dream is to pass the CPA Exam this year and eventually go on to work as a tax executive at a major corporation. I would like to travel throughout the country and world to help make the company a more fiscally sound corporation.

    • TheBeanCountercom

      Very cool Michael! You should also consider being a travel CFO for a private equity firm and work on 4-5 different companies traveling the US helping them all. Love the BIG dreams!

      Check this out as your passing the CPA:

      • Michael A. Douglas

        That’s a great addition to my BIG DREAM. As much as I love family time, I would love traveling for work as well. I appreciate your insight and comments, Andrew. TBC is a resource that I truly cherish as I proceed into the accounting world. A heartfelt THANK YOU to you, Andrew!

  • Osama Shams Eddin

    My dream is to establish my own online CPA firm after I pass the CPA Exam.

  • Laura Avalos

    My big dream is to pass the CPA and become an expert Forensic Accountant for the FBI

  • Yi Yan

    My short-term is to pass the CPA exam and get my experience from entry-level to a senior. My ultimate dream is to become a CFO on a fortune 500 company.

  • Andrew

    I would love to be so successful that I can become a partner at Deloitte paying cash for the buy in not finance it.

  • Tanyeka Alexander

    Get through the CPA review, (I just started), and be a CPA by this time next year. I will start a new position with a firm on Monday. (Yay!) My dream is to rebuild my credit while taking care of my 5 year old. I want to be able to provide more for us both.

  • Max

    My big dream for now is to work as a high-earning individual in the finance sector and have fun at my job.

  • Alexa Shick

    My goal while I’m still in undergrad is to pass the CPA exam, but in the long run I hope one day that along with my CPA I earn my ASA/FSA to become a corporate actuary, and eventually work my way up to becoming a CFO for one of the Big 4

  • Linnea

    My dream is to become a forensic accountant and be able to travel to different cities around the world for my job.

  • Tara

    My dream is to be a CFO of a company and be an investor for other small businesses

  • Angelique D

    My dream is to pass all four sections of the CPA exam the first time around AND get into FAU’s graduate program for the Forensic Accounting program

  • Ariwo-Ola Dzobi

    My big dream is to get my CPA, work in big accounting firm while working on creating my own consulting firm someday.

  • moose

    My big dream is to pass the CPA exam and to build my wifes rallyx/autocross hobby into a fulltime job.

  • Abderzak Charfaoui

    My dream is to become a very competent accounting professional who can do his work without getting help, and get to the point where I do that without feeling stressed.

  • Tim

    My dream is to work in a job that I really enjoy that also provides really well for my family.

  • Katherine

    My dream is to pass the CPA exam as soon as I finish my Master’s degree, become a forensic accountant, and to be able to provide and take care of my family.

  • Matthew C

    My dreams are to pass the CPA, and become a tax partner for a big 4 firm or top 10 firm.

    • TheBeanCountercom

      Exciting stuff Mathew! Be sure to check this out while you pass the CPA:

      And you should check out my course, may interest you:

  • AI

    My big dream is to be an excelent auditor! I want to be a top performer and I want to work with an awesome engagement team. I recently finished an internship with one of the Big 4 and I was a bit dissapointed of the level of profesionalism of my engagement team so I realized how important it is to be part of a good team.

    • TheBeanCountercom

      Sorry to hear that Al. When you pick the company you want to work for, make sure you are comfortable with the people in that specific office. KPMG Atlanta could be the same as EY Tucson. Look for the people in THAT office, not the name on the door.

  • Shanea Ashley

    I would like to own my own CPA firm/company with an emphasis on Tax and assisting low income families with tax preparation

  • Emily

    I actually graduated from college a year ago and immediately got an internal audit job right after graduation. I’m currently working towards passing the CMA exam, so that is my immediate goal. I hope to soon relocate to one of our locations close to where I grew up, and work towards becoming an Accounting Manager once I learn more about the business.

  • Michael A. Douglas

    A further dream I have is to make enough money so that my family is secure while I am here and well after I am gone. Great webinar, Andrew!

  • brett

    My dream is to get experience out on my own, and then come back to take over my father’s practice.

  • Rummi

    My dream is to give back to my country, Pakistan and be in a career in which I am happy.

  • Jewish Bean Fan

    Thanks for the webinar! I love listening to all your practical advice! The money I spent on the Bean Counter was the most well spent in recent memory! My dream is to be successful in public accounting in the tax field. I want to gain mastery in many areas of tax, find my niche and offer something unique while specializing in certain areas. I want to become a partner of my firm in 10-15 years.

  • fiona ye

    to work for a big accounting firm preferably big 4 and earn my experiences towards cpa credentials. Ultimately have my own cpa firm to provide helps to people who are in need.

  • Shay

    Pass CPA exam, own my own business that will help others in need, and write (music, scripts, books, etc.) all to help, encourage, & inspire others to achieve their dreams!

  • Guest

    My big dream is to get a job with one of the big 4 accounting firms and make partner position. I wan’t to be able to pay my student loan and take care of my parents and siblings.

  • Emi

    My big dream is to finish my CPA and MBA. I know it doesn’t seem that big, but I have young children at home and it’s a challenge just doing everyday things. So making time to study is twice as hard.

  • Ilona Bell

    I’m a recent, nontraditional grad and my dream is to gain the experience I need, so that when I quit working several years from now, I can use that experience to help others. Volunteers are always needed to help local nonprofits with accounting issues, prepare taxes, etc. I’m really looking forward to that.

  • Shannon Alexander

    I have several dreams. I am a 39 year old mother of five. One of my dreams is to pay off my student loans. Another is to pass my CPA and my CMA exam. I think I will be more interested in Managerial accounting. My biggest dream is to be successful and be able to balance work life with family life.

  • Ken Daroca

    My dream is to Pass the CPA exam and work for a firm that deals with athletes and musicians. Their finances are so complicated due to playing across the country in so many states, I want to help them focus on music and sports which entertain us all while I tackle their finances (and hopefully get some free concert and game tickets on the side). I would also like to help as many people as I can to put a plan together and get out of debt so they can save for the future, travel and give to those in need.

  • Carme Noneo

    My dream is to have my own business. I want to help people be more aware of their finances and retirement. I did not know what I should have known and now I want to share my knowledge with others like me in my community.

  • nboranba/NBS

    My big dream is one day contribute toward US GAAP convergence with international standards, help develop one set of global rules. I feel like accountants can make change too!!!

  • Deanna Laird

    I love reading about all these dreams, and very exciting to see the outcome from our webinar! My dream is to be crazy effective in helping accounting students in their careers – known for valuable information and even relied upon.

    • TheBeanCountercom

      Thanks Deanna! It was great doing the webinar with you and I’m sure we’ll have many more in the future!

  • PhillyBig4

    I have two big dreams: 1) become a CPA and start an accounting firm that utilizes cloud and internet to help mom-pop shops to medium size businesses.
    2) become a sophisticated investor as defined by Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing authored by Robert Kiyosaki. Becoming a Sophisticated Investor is two parts: being a SEC accredited Investor as well as being financially educated (CPA, CFA, Tax/corporate/securities law- me I am going the CPA route.)

  • TheBeanCountercom

    While the winner has been chosen, please feel free to add your BIG CAREER DREAM below!