In case you missed it… This week in the Bean Counter


I crafted three posts you do not want to miss…

The first was in my student loan email, sent last week, that has made a huge impact on the Bean Counter community. Tons of people have reached out to me, and asked for the excel budget we used to pay off $50,000 in student loans in 14 months. I have also heard from multiple people that they are getting on a game plan to pay down there loans rapidly. Some have even started to put $10-16,000 down on the principal balances within this past week!


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The second was the LIVE webinar I did on “Making the Transition from Student to Professional” (see recording here).

During the webinar, I spoke about the importance of dreaming early on in your career. When you first start out, you are at the BOTTOM of the career barrel. It’s the equivalent to a red-shirt freshmen on the college basketball team.

You have to do the laundry (in accounting – scan papers),
prepare the ice for team after practice (in accounting – get dinners) and on and on…

You need something to motivate you. A BIG DREAM!

We had 50+ of the webinar attendees share their dreams in the comments of the post below, you have got to check this out!!!

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The last was a post that shared the Top 10 excel tricks you need to know in your first year of accounting.

This article reached over 25,000 people on Facebook and was shared over 180 times! I included videos for the harder excel tricks but honestly, #9 – the shortcut to attach the document you are in to an email will save you at least 15 days out of your first year alone!

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