My Time at the FICPA #MegaCPE Event at Disney World, Orlando

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For the last two days, I’ve been at the FICPA MEGA Conference in Orlando and it was awesome! Here are the highlights and I highly encourage anyone in Florida to attend next year. There was a one day event for Students and Young Professionals called Accel, led by Dan Griffith (see below), and the reaming three days are CPE for active CPA’s.

If you’re outside the state, here is a list of all the AICPA state societies where you can get involved locally!


Tom Hood, CEO of the Maryland Association of CPA’s Keynote Speech Tom gave a great presentation and you can see his slides below. Take a look  and see the highlights from the twitter madness that Ten Key Heroes created! I was SUPER excited as Tom Hood mentioned Ten Key Heroes right on stage to the whole group! Very exciting!   Highlighted Quotes from Tom’s Presentation





Dan Griffith Director of Strategic Planning at Tanner LC’s Leadership Day Dan walked a whole group of young CPA’s (under the age of 35 I believe) through a full day of leadership and development presentations and activaties! If you want to see some of Dan’s presentations, check out his linkedIn account below!


I also took a photo with a BIG fan of the Bean Counter fan at the Accel event here! Great to meet you Liliana!



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