What It’s Like In the Early Years of Accounting Careers: Taylor Peak, McGladrey Associate

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Tell us a little bit about your background.

  • Originally from St Petersburg, FL
  • Went to the University of Central Florida
  • Now in the second year of her accounting careers as an Auditor at McGladrey
  • Finished the CPA and is currently waiting on the experience requirements

Tell us about one experience in your current position that just blew you away and that you were really excited about.

One of the reasons Taylor chose auditing was to make connections with a ton of different people. During her internship, she was working for a company in Alabama. When she made it to the company, she realized the people at the company knew her family–they even knew her father as a child. Since starting at McGladrey full-time, she continued to audit that same company every year!

What was your biggest, or one of your biggest, failures in getting to where you are today?

When Taylor was in University, she was great at taking tests but she didn’t commit everything she learned to memory. Taylor realized when she started working that she had to re-learn everything she should have remember from University and the CPA exam.

Tell us a challenge you met and how you overcame it.

Once Taylor finished busy season in April and then passed the CPA exam, she was assigned to a job in another town, which involved working on Saturdays. The job was also consulting and wasn’t the best development opportunity for her audit career.

She overcame the experience by trying to see the positives: she met people from another division of the office, visited Amanda and I, and tried to have the best attitude. At the end of the day, the partners appreciated her hard work and investment in the company.

What is a great resource you used along the way that helped you to get where you are today?

Her father.

What’s a great book that you’ve read?

The Cheating Culture – David Callahan

And lastly, tell us a quote that you love and how it’s helped you reach your goals.

Taylor’s father put his fingers on the bed post and said, “This is how long your life will be.” Then he moved his fingers closer together and said, “This is how long you will have braces for.” Remembering this advice helped her through challenging times.