The Value of Enthusiasm in Your Accounting Career

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Anthony Scuotto

Anthony Scuotto

I met Anthony about five years ago when he came to my university to speak about his accounting career. He was one of the early Beta Alpha Psi Presidents from my school. As I mentioned on the podcast, he is someone I’ve met who is truly enthusiastic and loves what he does (I know, it’s tax accounting, CRAZY!).

While I’m not a tax guy myself, Anthony has a great attitude and was a lot of fun on the podcast. We talked about the changing regulatory environment, becoming a marketer as a CPA, and how to be successful early in your career.

We also had a bit of a discussion on whether or not you should have fun at your job, what role enthusiasm plays in your accounting career, and how you can handle the parts of your job that you don’t like.

Thanks for coming on Anthony, I really enjoyed it!


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