Stay At Home Mother To CPA Firm Partner [PODCAST] with Nancy Ridenour, PDR CPA’s

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Nancy Ridenour

Nancy Ridenour

Nancy is a CPA firm partner at PDR CPA’s and spoke a number of years ago when I was at the University of Tampa. She has a great attitude and is a hilarious public speaker. She’s also from the Midwest, just like myself!

Nancy has a non-traditional but awesome story: She started out as a music major and was a stay-at-home mother before she became an accountant. After being a stay-at-home mother for 13 years, she went back and got her accounting degree and CPA license.

She started out with Bisk CPA review and she knew she always wanted to be in public accounting. While driving down a large road in her town, Nancy would always see the sign for “Price & Donahue, CPAs”. She looked at that sign every day on the way to her classes. After graduating, Nancy started working for the firm and seven years later became partner (hence the firm is now PDR CPAs).

This is a great story of a woman who came into the profession off the beaten path and has done an incredible job! Thanks for joining us Nancy, we loved having you on the show!


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