Simple Advice From A Successful CPA


I go this email a few days ago from a Successful CPA and thought it was a very fun read and well worth sharing.

I went ahead and got Bill’s Linkedin for your so go ahead and connect with him:


I love your podcast!  Although I have been working in accounting some 20 years.  Graduated in 1986, went to seminary for about three years (studied to be a Catholic Priest).  Well, long story scandal and met my wife in seminary at a Protestant Seminary.  Back to accounting.  Sudden change of plans.

Well, no big four for me – too late.  Industry.  Basically I have three years of Philosophy which I think is great.  Also, non practicing as I call myself a philosopher.  No church.

Been a great career so far.  I might have done better if I worked some in Public, but I am happy.  I could tell you all kinds of scandals in the church.  Oh man.  Glad I got out but I don’t regret the time, the free philosophy education has been extremely meaningful.

You want a good book to read?  Read Atlas Shrugged.  It is so true, I see all these people in industry.  Just think of Obamacare, it was sort of predicted in this book.  I have floor to ceiling philosophy books and do love Ayn Rand, she has some good insight – albeit not what I would call a philosopher.

Non-traditional CPA, but that is fine.  I could write a book about my career.  Been wonderful so far no boring moments nor lacking of challenges.

Aerospace, Governmental, Nuclear, Fossil, Hydo, Transportation, Parking, Office Supplies, Real Estate, all fun.  They all have numbers and a demand for accountants.

I was one of the last to take the old pencil and paper exams.  Passed in 1996 and I did not take it right out of school – so it is never too late!   It can be done.  Passed three parts the first time having to sit for all four.  The good old days, and watch people slam chairs and monitors in the bathrooms (creepy).

Thank you for the effort you put into the podcast.  It is wonderful and certainly helps me.  Starting a new job soon (a few weeks) the railroad is next.  Thanks to your podcast I have the confidence to try something new.


New accountants need to learn Excel and Access.  Free training on You Tube.  Learn VLookups, Pivot Tables, VBA programming, Access, all free.  Take your skills to the next level.  No excuse not to watch a video and learn some advanced Excel.  Even our “IT” department and Marketing come to me for help.  Sad.  Be the go to person and you will rise up.  What is a few hours to be a hero!


Bill Carter, CPA, CGMA

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