Your Path To Accounting Describe in Super Mario Bros. [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We all have our own unique path into the accounting industry. And until now nobody has detailed the path in our favorite 1990’s video game, Super Mario Brothers. Enjoy this path to accounting infographic!

I think this was created in an effort to recruit more millenials because honestly, youngsters nowadays only understand Minecraft.

But the statistics are fun, here are the basics:

11% of high school students want to be an accountant

That’s surprising. I didn’t have a clue what accounting was until my first year in University.

52% of accountants are male and 48% are female

That seems within the margin of error to me one which of the sexes works more in accounting. This is certainly also changing as women almost inevitably get better grades than men Forbes count’s the number of female accountants as high as 61%. That seems more reasonable to me!

There is a 1% chance of being injured as an accountant…..

Hmm… that oddly sounds a little high to me.

The project rate of job growth by 2015 is 22%.

That sounds about right, there is opportunity EVERYWHERE these days!

There are 1.35 million accountants in the US.

A small but fierce minority!

Most states require 150 credit hours for the CPA exam.

Passing the CPA exam is 50% passing the exam 50% figuring out the requirements in your state. Good luck!

46% of accounting graduates have already been offered jobs!

Best thing about the accounting major = get hired before you graduate!

Median accounting salaries are about $60,000.

That is 20% over the median income for an entire household! You’re about to be rich!


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  • Dana Dove

    As of July 1, 2015 Colorado will also require 150 credit hours