One Of The Most Powerful Women In Accounting [PODCAST] with Geni Whitehouse, Author, Speaker, Trainer at


Geni has a great story and she was an awesome guest on the podcast! She is a CPA, author, speaker, blogger, and partner at a CPA firm. Geni has a very interesting background and she has won a number of awards over the years including:

2013 One of 25 Most Powerful Women in Accounting – CPA Practice Advisor

2013 Top 25 Thought Leaders in Public Accounting Technology – CPA Practice Advisor

She currently lives in San Francisco and serves clients exclusively in the wine industry (aren’t we all jealous). Originally from South Carolina, Geni has shared her experiences in California at her entertaining blog

How to Make a Subject Interesting BookGeni has also been a TEDx speaker and has written a book which you can check out to the right. My favorite part of having her on the show was when she mentioned a resource that would be helpful for people out there–comedy classes! Geni said that it’s a great resource, even for accountants, and she enjoyed it when she went through the process a number of years ago.

Thanks for coming on the show Geni!

Questions asked on the show:

Tell us about one experience in your current position that just blew you away and that you were really excited about.

What was your biggest, or one of your biggest, failure(s) in getting to where you are today?

What is a great resource you used along the way that helped you to get where you are today?

What is your advice for someone starting out in his or her career?

What is your advice for someone who has been working in the industry and wants to make a change or take his or her career to the next level?

What’s a great book that you’ve read?

And lastly, tell us a quote that you love and how it’s helped you reach your goals.



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