Listener Questions: Elevator Speech, Loved My Accounting Internships, LinkedIn

accounting internships, career fairs, and linkedin

Resources mentioned:

-PwC Chairman Article in the NY Times

-Summary of contributions: Email me at if you want a copy

-“KYFHD” – Michael Kramer, Former and Founding CFO of Apple Retail Stores

[Keep your fu$&ing head down]

Listener Questions:

1. Andrew, I really enjoyed my accounting internships and I want to be part of the firm’s leadership team one day. What can I do?

– Kaitlin from Orlando

2. Dude, the podcast is amazing!

You mentioned elevator speeches and I do not have one. Do you think if I go and speak with the recruiters and company representatives using a normal conversation it is going to have a negative impact?

Is it really better to make an elevator speech?

Last one, how long do I have to wait to add those recruiters and representatives on LinkedIn? Should I wait the same amount of time as I should wait to send the thank you e-mail (on the morning after the Career Fair)?

-Cristiano From Brazil

3. I really enjoyed listening to the podcast!

How do you manage to ask about the individuals you meet (in regards to the Career Fair)? Do you literally ask, ‘Who is the head recruiter?’ or ‘Who is a partner?’

– Nadeen from Tampa


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  • Craig R.

    Perhaps this is a silly question, but is Accounting the only major one should consider if they desire an internship and a job with one of the Big 4, or even the others in the “Top 10″ accounting firms? Is a Business or Business Administration degree, with a concentration in Accounting, plausible? Thanks.