“How To Get Hired by Big 4 Accounting Firms” (WEBINAR) with @AndrewArgue

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Earlier this week, I did a Webinar with AccountingFly.com and covered one of my favorite topics, “”How To Get Hired by Big 4 Accounting Firms”.

I even created a full blown course on the subject.

I received so much positive feedback, over 150 emails within an hour of doing the webinar, I figured I would post for anyone who missed out.


P.S. – if you want to received the eBook mentioned in the video, leave a comment below. You’ll receive it within 24 hours :-)

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  • Angelica V

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge on this subject. I have learned so much from this and will apply these tips in my career journey.

  • Cuyte pie

    Great session, it was beneficial for me to prepare myself ahead of time.

  • Brian

    This was a great webinar and it definitely helped me get ideas on how to improve myself in the work world.

  • Vincent Lau

    Really strong points that Andrew revealed. I hope he can continue to help upcoming students that work as hard to achieve success