How can I get accounting jobs in another city, best place for business clothes, & more!

listener questions

Listener Questions

1. Andrew, if I am seeking opportunities outside my area (Kansas), what can I do to maximize my chance of finding accounting jobs? Also, what about non-public accounting opportunities? How can you find them, and what are the differences between interviewing for industry and big 4?

-Alex, Kansas

My Beta Alpha Psi chapter historically struggles with recruitment, what can we do to bring in more students?

-Lucas, Illinois

What is the best place to buy business professional clothing on a college budget – for men and women?

-Jane, Utah

Andrew, I recently started with one of the Big 4 and had a question I was hoping to get your opinion on.  I got placed in an industry and am somewhat disappointed, as I would have preferred another market team such as real estate or media & entertainment, as I have greater interest in those industries.

I reached out a few times to HR and resource managers before I started about my preference and got pretty much the same response that, “it all depends on the needs of the practice.”   I am somewhat fearful of bringing my concern up again because I feel it may look bad and I’ll be known as the guy who kept complaining within the first few weeks.  I’m sure that I will be told that I need to give it some time, like 6 months to 1 year.

I have heard that it is pretty difficult to switch market teams after you start.  I have also heard that even if you request different types of clients, you may only get to work on them for small projects. I was wondering if you had any opinion on what I should do moving forward.

Matt, New York